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Tips for cooking fruit and vegetablesBuy organic fruit and vegetables where possible to avoid pesticides, or rinse well in clean water.Buy fresh instead of frozen, and use them within three days of purchase.
Tips for cooking grainsGrains include cereal crops like wheat, barley, oats, millet, rice and quinoa.Whole grains are always the most nutritious choice, but they contain oils that can go rancid over time. Tips for cooking legumesLegumes are also known as pulses and include different types of beans, peas and lentils.Dried beans should always be unprocessed and organic.
Tips for cooking meat, fish and poultryMeats retain most juices, flavors, enzymes and nutrients when cooked quickly, at low temperature.Healthy cooking methods for meats include baking, grilling and steaming. The following grocery list template will help you create a healthy grocery list before you go shopping. Locally grown vegetables have less travel and storage time, so are likely to be fresher (and cheaper).
Purchase small quantities and refrigerate or freeze them.Grains are grown as monocultures (larges fields of a single species) and this type of agriculture is more susceptible to pests and diseases. Avoid canned beans if possibleLegumes should be soaked in water overnight in water and rinsed before cooking.

I used Parmesan, smoked salmon and basil, but obviously you can use other cheeses such as cheddar or goat cheese, and experiment with different herbs. Spray two small (6 inch), oven-safe skillets (such as cast iron skillets) with olive oil cooking spray. The shopping list includes a list of healthy foods to remind you which foods you should be eating and help you make healthy choices. Pork is an exception a€“ it should be cooked through with no pink meat in the middle to avoid bacterial or parasitic infection.Fish needs a very short cooking time, only a few minutes. Light cooking leaves vegetables crisp and bright in colour.Choose canned or frozen foods carefully. These have already been heated slightly so if you're going to cook canned food, keep the cooking time short. Poaching liquid can be saved for stock.Shellfish must always be cooked to kill any harmful bacteria that may be present. Some packaging also contains harmful chemicals, like BPA's.Healthy cooking methods that retain the most nutritional value of fruit and vegetables include blanching, steaming or sauteeing.

All poultry needs to be cooked properly to minimize the risk of bacterial infection a€“ it should be cooked through with no pink meat in the middle. Cook about 3 minutes, until bottom is set, then transfer to the oven to finish cooking, 10-15 more minutes.
Frittatas are done when puffy and golden and a toothpick inserted in center comes out clean.
Cool 5 minutes in skillets, then carefully loosen the edges with a spatula, slice and serve.

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