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So many people out there want to eat healthy, or maybe even think they’re eating healthy, but really just don’t know what to buy or eat. Here is a sampling of what’s in my grocery cart each week, and what I feel are the essentials for eating nutritiously. If you’d really like to make your fridge and pantry look like mine, take the food you just bought, make yourself meals for the week that include lean meat, fruit, veggies, and a few healthy fats and legumes here and there, package them up in plastic containers, and you’re ready to heat and eat your healthy food all week.
Remember, food companies will spin their words any way they can to get you to buy their product. Try to buy antibiotic-free, grass fed, free range, organic produce, meats and dairy as much as you possibly can to keep your body free of toxins, chemicals, and pesticides. Hopefully, taking a peek into the grocery cart of a healthy person will help you make better choices for your body and health the next time you are stocking up on food.
My kids are the pickiest eaters, and add that I share time with their dad who takes them out to eat often and doesn’t eat healthy himself, and it has been difficult. Deanna post in reply to the lady with limited income and illness was spot on,not only because of the advice but becuase all of us could take notice of it for the simple reason that most and I mean most unless you have a very large family and do lots of cooking would let that amount of food in the fridge go to waste. A suggestion I would make is have two to 3 of the fruits and veges,and ONLY what you’ve tried before.
We are shelling out more money every month on the combined total number of meds we have to purchase each month. Julie, it is expensive to eat healthy, and the healthier you eat, the more expensive it gets.
I do shop at Whole Foods, and I find it a great store to find just about anything in one central location.
I totally feel for you as I was a single mom up until a few months ago, raising 3 kids on my own with almost no financial help.

Janet, we have 3 kids, and I love finding recipes that imitate a food the kids like but are actually healthy. There will always be changes to the menu, but basis for why your choose particular foods will always remain the same. Maya, I find it easiest to stick to the same meal for breakfast, lunch and snack, at least every week, and change it up when I get bored.
The only flours we use around here (that I neglected to add to my list!) are flours made from nuts and beans, like almond meal, chickpea flour, coconut flour, etc. Hi Linsey, you’re right, I missed whole grains aside from oats, quinoa and brown rice.
Working at HomeschoolHelping busy moms to eat well, get organized, and get the most out of every day.
If you watch carefully, you will see healthy, fit people with carts full of bags and bags of produce, cuts from the butcher, and very few boxed or canned items that can sit on pantry shelves for months or years. Don’t fall for “Healthy” “Low Fat” “Low sugar” “Zero Calorie” and sometimes, even “Organic” or “All Natural”.
I have 13 prescriptions and my husband has 9 plus we both see 2 doctors eac months and the co-pays add up to $120 a month.
While I understand that not everyone can afford to eat all organic and natural produce and meats, I do believe that eating healthy food can be just as inexpensive if not more so than eating the junk. For the sake of my family, I do make a different dinner every night, but it’s from a list of the above ingredients. We use them very sparingly because they are high in calories, but they make great substitutions for grain flours. This is something that is black and white (pun intended) and can easily be referenced without any gray area.

Without a plan, it’s almost impossible to start the habit of eating what is good for you, and enough of it.
Be careful when choosing crackers, breads, cereals and pastas that they are truly made of 100% whole grains. A bag of apples, some cucumbers, lettuce, celery, carrots, bananas, even lean ground beef, flank steaks, chicken breasts or tenders, etc are all very inexpensive ways to eat healthy.
For example, if I serve pasta: I make them whole grain pasta and meatsauce with lean, grass-fed ground beef.
It all equals out in the end, but if you eat healthy now, your health will be better in the future. And as Coach says, the healthier you eat, the less medication you will have to take, and the costs will offset AND you will be healthy and feel great. I think it you really thought outside the box and gave produce and healthy cooking a shot, you would be shocked at how inexpensive it can be. If you are trying to lose weight, you may want to limit these grains to a serving or two per day, preferably around a workout or in the morning.
I hear a lot of complaining, especially at first, but they eventually came to accept that this is the way it is at mom’s house.

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