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A farm owner introduces management skills to visitors in New Zealand's South Island on May 26, 2016. Apart from lease changes, the cows generally are entering the dry-up period during which they commonly stop lactating for 60 days until delivery. The Hamish and Mike Ryan farm, which is located around 120 km south of the tourist city of Queenstown, is a partner and shareholder of New Zealand's largest meat processor Silver Fern Farms.
The dry-up period is a phenomenon of nature, but an almost unified milking period is a result of technical intervention. According to industry insiders, cows produce milk with different nutrient elements in different stages of lactation, and the fixated time frame has guaranteed a stable quality, thus benefiting the ensuing industrial mass production.
The migration of cows manifests the spirit of sharemilking, the most common practice in New Zealand's farming culture and one of the cornerstones of the Kiwi farming system. The secret of Kiwi farming is all about keeping the balance of forage and livestock, which requires planning, executing, innovation and financial input.
When arriving at the milk plant, the milk is sampled again with detailed information gathered for further tests. Braving the English summer, thousands gathered in the rain for a street party outside Buckingham Palace on Sunday, part of a weekend of celebrations to mark Queen Elizabeth II's 90th birthday. Some 10,000 people were expected to attend the open air Patron's Lunch on The Mall in London, along with the monarch, her husband Prince Philip and Princes William and Harry, two of her grandchildren.
Queen Elizabeth II waves as she watches a flypast, with members of the royal family, including Prince Philip, right, Prince William, center, his son Prince George, front, Kate, Duchess of Cambridge holding Princess Charlotte, center left, the Prince of Wales, third left, the Duchess of Cornwall, second left, and Princess Anne. While The Mall was lined with giant British flags to create a ceremonial atmosphere, many of those gathering at the tables laid out along the way were forced to don plastic ponchos handed out by organizers to keep the rain off. Tickets for the event cost $215 and most of the guests were from organizations with which the queen has links.
The BBC televised the Patron's Lunch which could also be watched via big screens set up in nearby St James's Park and Green Park. The not-for-profit event was organized by the queen's grandson, Peter Phillips, the son of Princess Anne.
The event will also feature a parade themed around the different eras of the queen's reign, such as "flower power" for the 1960s. The lunch will bring to an end several days of celebrations to mark the queen's official 90th birthday.
On Saturday, the queen took the salute at the Trooping the Color military parade which drew a crowd of thousands, with her vivid green outfit causing a sensation. Even Britain's Queen Elizabeth II has trouble in securing the top media spot in the UK as the country's longest-serving monarch celebrated her official birthday.
Saturday marked Queen Elizabeth's official birthday, timed to coincide with the better weather of May and June. However, the day of birthday celebration kicked off with a televised funeral, when BBC and Sky News broadcast live coverage of the long memorial service for American boxer Muhammad Ali, marking his contribution to peace and love across the Atlantic. The pomp and pageantry of Britain did kick in about two hours later with the annual ceremony of Trooping the Colour, a parade in at the doorsteps of Buckingham Palace held each year to honor the monarch's birthday. Tens of thousands of tourists, many from China, crowded the streets to watch the ceremonies, which involved 1,400 soldiers, 200 horses, and 200 musicians. One of my compatriots was apparently unprepared for the security and the massive crowds, as I overhead her desperately calling her friend to let the other one know that they could not meet under the massive statue of Queen Victoria in front of the Buckingham Palace.
As the Queen finally appeared in her horse-drawn carriage and later on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, she drew huge cheers from the crowd and sent my British editor struggle to find the right word to describe the color of her "neon green" dress. But it was the monarch's 13-month-old great-granddaughter, Princess Charlotte, who stole the show with what the British media dubbed "her first royal wave".
Pictures of the royal fanfare also caught attention of social media users in China, who were celebrating the last day of the Dragon-Boat Festival long weekend.
Back in the UK, the royal family's top media slot lasted only for a few hours, as violent clashes between English and Russian football fans at the European Championship in Marseille, France, gripped the headlines in the British media. The day in my social media circle wound up with some unexpected pictures and videos of naked bikers cycling through London streets, in the name of protesting against oil dependency and the way the cult of the car dominates contemporary life!
A majority of voters of Spain's ruling conservative People's Party (PP) would consent to its leader and acting Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy stepping aside if this allowed the party to stay in government, a poll showed on Sunday.
Rajoy, blamed for harsh austerity measures implemented in recent years that crippled the economy as well as political corruption cases at the PP during his leadership, is seen as the main obstacle for other parties to back a PP government.
Spain returns to the ballot box on June 26 after an inconclusive December election stripped Rajoy's center-right party of its absolute majority. According to the Metroscopia poll in the daily newspaper El Pais, which questioned 1,200 people on June 7 and June 8, the vote still remains too fragmented for any clear government majority. Among those polled, 57 percent of PP voters said they would accept Rajoy resigning his position if this meant securing a PP government, while 74 percent of overall voters thought Rajoy should go if this would pave the way for a new government.
An official survey released on Thursday showed voters are still not inclined to revert to the two-party system that dominated Spanish politics for the past 40 years. While the PP would win the most votes, according to two separate polls published in El Pais and La Vanguardia on Sunday, it remains without a large enough presence in the lower house to take a second term alone. The party led by Rajoy would win 29.8 percent of the vote, or between 119-122 seats in parliament, the GAD 3 poll in La Vanguardia showed, far short of the 176 seats needed to win back its previous absolute majority.
Even if the PP were to rely on backing by natural allies, market-friendly Ciudadanos (Citizens), a resulting coalition would still fall short, holding just up to 163 seats, the survey showed. Meanwhile, support for a joint left-wing group formed by Podemos (We can) and Izquierda Unidos (IU or United Left) would stay ahead of the Socialists, with the poll in La Vanguardia giving the group 85-87 seats in Parliament over the Socialists' 80-82.
The Socialists again took a hit in both surveys, similar to two separate polls published last week, losing support from the December ballot to leftwing newcomers. Mariano Rajoy, Spain's acting Prime Minister and People's Party leader, attends a meeting in Barcelona, Spain, on June 4. Politicians, international relations experts and opinion leaders from the Philippines on Wednesday called on President-elect Rodrigo Duterte to start bilateral talks with China on the South China Sea issue as soon as possible. They noted that the forthcoming government needs not wait for a decision from an international tribunal in The Hague before talking to China. The call was made as they gathered here to celebrate the 41st anniversary of the establishment of bilateral relations between the Philippines and China.
The call came as the Chinese Foreign Ministry on Wednesday issued a statement on settling disputes between China and the Philippines in the South China Sea through bilateral negotiations.
Speaking at the gathering, Francisco Tatad, a former senator, said "What we should control at all times is our national interest. Tatad called on the Philippines to follow India's example to negotiate with China and talk about ways to improve the two countries' economic relations. He reminded the audience that it was the Philippines who first did reclamation activities such as building airstrips in the South China Sea.
Alberto Encomienda, former secretary-general of Maritime and Ocean Affairs Center at the Department of Foreign Affairs, told Xinhua after the gathering "You don't have to finish that arbitration. He said that the Philippines could even withdraw the case, and a withdrawal does not put the country to shame as long as it is in accordance with the country's vital interest. He eyed Durterte's recent meeting with Zhao Jianhua, the Chinese ambassador to the Philippines, as a good start for both sides. Echoing Enconienda, Butch Valdes, former undersecretary of the Department of Education, told Xinhua that the Philippines will not have actual benefits even if the tribunal rules in favor of the country.
He stressed that the situation will be worse because a ruling from an international tribunal will only escalate tension in the South China Sea. For her part, Aileen Baviera, a professor at the University of the Philippines, said bilateral talks with China "can be an avenue for resuming the confidence-building process" between the two countries.
Bilateral talks can also assure China that there is no intention to use arbitration and there is no intention to harm China's security interests, said Baviera. Also on the occasion, they said it is high time that the Philippines formulates its own independent foreign policy. He said again and again at the gathering that his country is in urgent need of an independent foreign policy. Valdes, in addition, asked the forthcoming government to review the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement which the Aquino administration signed with the US government in April 2014. He believed the agreement such as EDCA should not have been signed by the president in an "underhanded manner," rather it should have been sent to Senate for ratification. Duterte, who will be sworn into office on June 30, has said he will wait for the final decision from the tribunal but also noted that he will pursue bilateral talks with China if current efforts do not progress.
Relations between China and the Philippines have soured during Benigno Aquino III's six-year rule. The Philippines unilaterally initiated an arbitration case against China in January 2013 over the South China Sea issue with an international tribunal in The Hague. A Philippine columnist on Saturday called on the incoming Philippine government to drop a defense pact between the Philippines and the United States, arguing it was reducing the country into one big US military base.
Manila and Washington signed the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement in 2014, which allows US troops to build facilities to store equipment in the Philippines, in addition to giving broad access to Philippine military bases.
He called on Duterte to drop the defense pact, which he said would be used as an example by future administrations to sign agreements that would allow other countries to establish their own military bases in the Philippines.
Kapunan pointed out that the defense pact has been unduly stretched by the United States to allow it to conduct regular naval patrol and reconnaissance flight in the disputed waters, and that invoking freedom of navigation to conduct regular naval patrol would lose its viability if the Philippines decides to scrap the pact. A small group of youth and students shout slogans during a rally outside the US Embassy in Manila to coincide with the country's celebration of its 118th Independence Day on Sunday in Manila, Philippines. Christina Grimmie was a vivacious, outgoing singer whose career was born on social media and propelled toward the big time by television. The two apparently had no personal connection to one another until Friday night when police said Loibl traveled 100 kilometers from his home in St. Grimmie, 22, isn't the only person in the entertainment industry to have been killed by a stranger.
Grimmie was most widely known from those TV appearances two years ago, when she rocked listeners with her renditions of songs including Wrecking Ball and Can't Help Falling in Love, and finished third. The Voice paid tribute Saturday to Grimmie on its official Twitter page: "There are no words.
Grimmie first gained attention seven years ago when she posted online a video of herself playing piano and singing Don't Wanna Be Torn by Miley Cyrus as television alter ego Hannah Montana.
In 2011, Entertainment Weekly crowned her "the veritable queen of YouTube musicians," already with nearly 1 million subscribers (she has 3.2 million now). Her growing success sparked Grimmie's move to Los Angeles, far from her hometown of Marlton, New Jersey, a small community some 30 km from Philadelphia. Rather than brave the often treacherous waves of the Aegean again, they face the dangerous currents of the Evros River, which runs along the Greek-Turkish border. Among them is Atia Al Jassem, a 27-year-old Syrian barber from Damascus who is heading east with his wife and 1-year-old daughter after spending months stuck on the Greek-Macedonian border, watching his hopes of reaching Europe ebb away. The European Union and Turkey since agreed on a deal which returns migrants who arrived on the Greek islands after March 20 to Turkey - but it doesn't affect earlier arrivals trapped on the Greek mainland. Balkan and European countries increasingly tightened entry restrictions at the start of the year, before shutting their land borders to refugees completely in March.
Al Jassem and his family stayed for months in Idomeni, a sprawling impromptu refugee camp that sprang up on the Greek-Macedonian border. Didimoticho deputy Mayor Ioannis Topaloudis said authorities have been seeing around 20-40 people heading toward the Turkish border each day. Fifty people died and another 53 were injured when a gunman opened fire and seized hostages at a gay nightclub in Florida, police said on Sunday, making it the worst mass shooting in US history.
Around 5 am, authorities sent in a SWAT team to rescue the hostages, and the suspect then died in a gunfight with those officers. FBI spokesman Danny Banks said during a news conference that the mass shooting is being investigated as an act of terrorism. Police had said previously on Twitter that there was a "controlled explosion" at the scene of the shooting at Pulse Orlando.
Mina Justice was outside the club early Sunday trying to contact her 30-year-old son Eddie, who texted her when the shooting happened and asked her to call police. The White House said that President Barack Obama has been briefed and has asked for regular updates as the FBI and other federal officials work with Orlando police on the incident. Press secretary Josh Earnest said in a statement that the president has directed federal officials to provide "any necessary assistance to pursue the investigation and support the community".
Jon Alamo said he was at the back of one of the club's rooms when a man holding a weapon came into the front of the room. Club-goer Rob Rick estimated more than 100 people were still inside when he heard shots, got on the ground and crawled toward a DJ booth. Two suicide bombers struck close to the Syrian capital on Saturday, killing at least 12 people and wounding dozens more in the latest attack to hit the predominantly Shiite area in recent months, state TV and an opposition activist group said. The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the bombings through its Aamaq news agency, which said there were three attacks carried out by suicide bombers. Syrian TV said the blasts in the Sayyida Zeinab area just south of Damascus killed 12 people and wounded 55 others. The blasts came as US-backed fighters in northern Syria tightened their siege on the IS stronghold of Manbij, where tens of thousands of civilians are trapped by the fighting. The Observatory said tens of thousands of civilians in the town fear bombardment of residential areas at a time when most bakeries have stopped working and food is running out. Men and Syrian Army officers inspect a damaged site after a suicide and car bomb attack in the south Damascus Shi'ite suburb of Sayyida Zeinab, Syria. Iraqi troops advanced against Islamic State south of Mosul on Sunday as the US-led coalition intensified its campaign against the militants on multiple fronts across their self-proclaimed caliphate. Officers involved in the operation said Iraqi forces had moved toward the village of Haj Ali in tanks and armored vehicles under cover of coalition airstrikes and artillery fire, capturing another village on the way. Haj Ali sits on the eastern bank of the Tigris river, opposite the Islamic State hub of Qayara, where there is an airfield that is set to serve as a staging ground for future operations to recapture Mosul, about 60 km north.
Islamic State overran Mosul two years ago and went on to proclaim a caliphate straddling Iraq and Syria but has come under increasing pressure in recent months, losing ground to an array of forces.
Iraqi forces are also advancing on the edge of the Islamic State bastion of Falluja further south, while in Syria US-backed forces are encircling the militant-held town of Manbij.
Iraqi troops were deployed to the northern Makhmour area earlier this year and launched an operation in March touting it as the beginning of a bigger campaign to retake Mosul - the largest city under militant control. Since then, Iraqi forces have made modest gains, capturing a handful of villages on the eastern bank of the river Tigris.

The commander of the operation blamed the slow pace on a lack of tanks and said he did not have enough men to hold ground after it was retaken from the militants. Last week, Iraq deployed an armored division along with boats and bridges to cross the river to Qayara, control of which would also isolate Mosul from territory the militants control further south and east. Britain's influence in the European Union will be stronger if it votes to remain in the bloc in a June 23 referendum, Prime Minister David Cameron said on Sunday with the latest polls showing Britons almost evenly split over whether to stay or go.
At least three people were killed and several others injured in Milan when a residential building partially collapsed on Sunday following an explosion, a spokesman for the national fire fighters said. Kazakhstan on Sunday said it had detained all the remaining gunmen involved in a series of shooting attacks last week that killed seven people and was blamed on radical Islamists. Israel on Thursday suspended most special permits for Palestinians to visit Israel during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, and beefed up police patrols in Tel Aviv, after two Palestinians carried out a shooting in Tel Aviv on Wednesday night that killed four Israelis. COGAT, an Israeli defense body, said 83,000 permits for Palestinians in the West Bank to visit relatives in Israel during Ramadan had been frozen.
The special Ramadan permits were also suspended for Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, including permits to visit relatives in Israel, travel abroad and attend prayers at the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, COGAT said.
In addition, the military has frozen Israeli work permits for 204 of the attackers' relatives, and is preventing Palestinians from leaving and entering the West Bank village of Yatta, the attackers' home village. In Tel Aviv, extra police units have been mobilized, mainly around the city's central bus station and train stations, said police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld.
Two Palestinians opened fire near a popular open-air market in central Tel Aviv on Wednesday night, killing four Israelis and wounding nine others, in one of the deadliest attacks in an eight-month wave of violence. The shooting occurred at the Sarona market, a series of restored buildings that have been transformed into a popular tourist spot filled with crowded shops and restaurants. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with his defense minister and security leaders shortly after the attack and then traveled to the scene. Hamas, the Islamic militant group that rules Gaza, welcomed the attack but did not claim responsibility for it. Kenneth Franklin Shinzato, 32, a former US Marine employed at the US Air Force's sprawling Kadena Air Base, was first arrested last month for allegedly disposing of the body of the victim, identified by local media as Rina Shimabukuro. On Thursday, as is common practice in Japanese law, he was again arrested, this time for the separate crime of the alleged rape and murder of the 20-year-old woman, said an Okinawa police spokesman. Japan's Jiji Press reported that Shinzato was formally charged on Thursday for abandoning the body.
The case has intensified long-standing local opposition to the US military presence on the strategic island, which reluctantly hosts about 75 percent of US bases in Japan by land area. Crimes by US personnel have long sparked protests on crowded Okinawa, and have been a frequent irritant in relations between close security allies Japan and the US. The woman's remains were found after investigators conducted a search in a weed-covered area based on Shinzato's deposition, while police found DNA matching Shimabukuro's in his car, news reports said. His arrest last month sparked fresh anger among Okinawans as well as a harsh public rebuke by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to US President Barack Obama when he visited Japan for a Group of Seven summit. Obama expressed regret over the incident while vowing measures to prevent crime by Americans.
But last weekend a 21-year-old US sailor on the island was arrested on a charge of allegedly driving while intoxicated and injuring two people, one seriously, prompting the US Navy to impose an alcohol ban on its personnel throughout Japan.
More than half the 47,000 US troops in Japan under a decades-long security alliance are stationed on Okinawa, the site of a major World War II battle that was followed by a 27-year US occupation of the island. There was a time when Bhumibol would lead his aides on treks through swamps and over mountains to learn what was on the minds of his subjects in the most far-flung areas of his realm. For most of the past decade the king has lived in a hospital - in a new wing built for him - for treatment of various problems, according to regular palace statements on his health. Bhumibol took the throne in 1946 as a teenage boy under difficult circumstances: His 20-year-old brother, King Ananda, had been shot dead in his palace bedroom. The absolute monarchy had been ended by an army coup in 1932, leading to a series of military dictatorships. Their efforts were aided in no small part by the king's charisma, rectitude and genuine devotion to seeing his nation develop. Thai people hold portraits of King Bhumibol Adulyadej as they pray during celebrations of the 70th anniversary of his accession to the throne in Bangkok, Thailand, on Thursday.
Every encounter with Indians is fraught with those feelings, whether he's taking an autorickshaw or the Metro, buying vegetables or trying to find a spot to park his car.
Opeyemi is among hundreds of thousands of Africans in India, drawn by better education and work opportunities. The daily indignities Africans suffer usually go undocumented both by the police and local media.
That changed on May 20, when Congolese student Masunda Kitada Oliver was fatally attacked in a dispute over hiring an autorickshaw in New Delhi. The death made the city's African students, diplomats and business owners rally together demanding quick justice. The killing and the outrage it sparked drew an unusually prompt reaction from local police and India's foreign ministry. Minister Sushma Swaraj tweeted that her ministry asked for "stringent action against the culprits." But the ministry also said all criminal acts involving Africans should not be seen as racial in nature. The bad press the country got as a result of the killing prompted India's glacial government machinery to move quickly to try to address the issue.
An India-Africa art exhibition was cobbled together at government expense and on short notice. Powered by a strong showing in California, Hillary Clinton declared victory in her yearlong battle for the heart of the Democratic Party, seizing her place in history and setting out on the difficult task of fusing a fractured party to confront Donald Trump. Clinton cruised to easy victories in three of the six state contests on Tuesday - including delegate-rich New Jersey. The much-needed winning streak allowed Clinton to celebrate her long-sought "milestone" - the first woman poised to lead a major political party's presidential ticket. Clinton had already secured the delegates needed for the nomination before Tuesday's contests, according to an Associated Press tally.
Sanders vowed to continue to his campaign to the very last contest in the District of Columbia on Tuesday. Sanders is under intense pressure from top Democrats hoping to coax him gently out of the race, win over his voters and turn to the task of challenging Trump. The senator is scheduled to return home to Burlington on Wednesday, before coming to Washington Thursday for meetings and a campaign rally. President Barack Obama called both Sanders and Clinton late on Tuesday, congratulating both on their campaigns. Democratic US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton greets supporters during her California primary night rally held in the Brooklyn borough of New York on Tuesday. The collision between two fully loaded speedboat ferries on Wednesday near Thailand's famous tourist destination Phi-Phi Island, killed two Chinese tourists and injuring 34 others, and was the second fatal boating accident in Southern Thailand within four days.
The two boats, Chor Hongfa 20 traveling from Phuket to Ao Phangnga in Phangna and Chollakit 856 traveling from Phuket to Phi-Phi island in Krabi, carrying 62 Chinese and South Korean tourists, collided in the Hin Musang area at around 11:45 am.
The two dead Chinese passengers, one male and one female, and most of the injured were on the Chollakit 856, which sank after the collision. According to the Phuket Consular Office under the Chinese Consulate General in Songkhla, seven Chinese tourists were receiving treatment at four local hospitals in Phuket at Wednesday night, including two who were seriously injured.
The Chinese consular office in Phuket said it was working closely with related travel agencies, local police and hospitals in order to protect the rights of Chinese travelers and properly handle the aftermath. For some, the walls feel like a prison - a far cry from the gardens and peaceful hues that dotted Kabul in the 1960s, before the Taliban.
The wealthy and the connected erect the walls on the streets outside their homes, sparing no costs to cordon off their quarters and seemingly unconcerned for residents who suffer in the choking traffic jams that result. Afghanistan has been in conflict for almost 40 years and at war with the Taliban for 15 years, since the US-led invasion in 2001. By the time a massive truck suicide bombing in April killed 64 people and wounded hundreds in the heart of Kabul, spreading panic among the city's population of 4.5 million, the US Embassy had already erected one of the city's tallest barriers at its western entrance - a 4-meter wall, painted bright yellow, that now looms over one of Kabul's main roundabouts.
As security demands have increased over the years, Hesco bags - huge sacks of steel welded mesh filled with sand and rocks - that once dominated Kabul's landscape have been replaced by concrete blast T-walls, so called because individual blocks resemble the inverted letter T.
The walls, more known as visual landmarks of Baghdad and other Iraqi cities, are now ubiquitous across Kabul and making them is a booming business, according to Bahir Sediqi, marketing manager for Omid Khwajazada, a company on the outskirts of Kabul that manufactures the 13-ton walls. Prices are coming down due to higher demand, coupled with lower labor costs amid an unemployment crisis. The walls "make you feel as if there is only fighting, violence and terror here", said Nazir Ahmad, a Kabul resident, as he strolled past the stretch of gray concrete outside the Telecommunications Ministry. The ministry's spokesman, Yasin Samim, defended the walls, saying the employees started receiving warnings from the police and the Afghan intelligence agency back in 2012 that their building could be targeted. An EgyptAir passenger plane en route from Cairo to Beijing was forced to make an emergency landing in Uzbekistan on Wednesday after receiving a security threat that the airline said turned out to be a hoax. All 118 passengers and 17 crew members on board the plane were evacuated in Urgench, western Uzbekistan, after the threat was made three hours into the flight, EgyptAir said in a statement. The plane and passengers were searched by Uzbek authorities who confirmed that the threat was a hoax, it said.
The emergency landing comes weeks after an EgyptAir flight crashed into the Mediterranean on May 19, killing all 66 people on board. EgyptAir has received a number of bomb threats since the crash, all of which have turned out to be hoaxes.
An EgyptAir official, who asked not to be named because he is not authorized to speak to the media, said the hoaxes had caused numerous delays and cost the company a lot of money. Last month's crash was the third major aviation incident for Egypt since a Russian plane was brought down by a bomb in late October. Wednesday's false security threat, which was unusual in that it was made after the plane had taken off, could add to a climate of uncertainty that has already put off visitors.
The number of tourists visiting Egypt fell 54 percent in April 2016 compared to a year earlier as Egypt has struggled to restore confidence and lure visitors back to its sandy beaches and Pharaonic relics.
Egypt's tourism industry, a cornerstone of the economy and a critical source of hard currency, has been struggling since the 2011 uprising that ended Hosni Mubarak's 30-year rule and ushered in a period of political and economic upheaval. Egyptian forces are also battling to end an Islamist insurgency that is raging in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula, where the Russian plane crashed. Bernie Sanders' upstart US presidential campaign may be headed to defeat, but his goals of reining in Wall Street, ending big money in politics and eradicating income inequality were the big winners in the bruising Democratic race.
Sanders, who started as a little-known long-shot, pushed the party and established front-runner Hillary Clinton sharply to the left during a long primary battle.
Clinton, one of the best-known political figures in the United States, clinched the Democratic Party's nomination in a last round of state nominating contests on Tuesday.
In the last few weeks, he has lent his influence and fundraising power to progressive congressional and state legislative candidates who share his agenda, urging his supporters around the country to donate to their campaigns. Sanders also appointed prominent activists to the panel writing the issues platform for the party's convention in July, ensuring a strong voice in the process. His convention delegates will push for changes to party primary rules, including letting independents vote in primaries and reducing the influence of superdelegates, the hundreds of party elites who can support any candidate regardless of voting in their constituencies, and who in this primary season have largely backed Clinton. A team of experts began a historic renovation on Monday at the spot where Christians believe Jesus was buried, overcoming long-standing religious rivalries to carry out the first repairs at the site in more than 200 years. The project is focused on reinforcing and preserving the Edicule - the ancient chamber housing Jesus' tomb in Jerusalem's Church of the Holy Sepulchre. An ornate structure with hanging oil lamps, columns and oversize candlesticks, the Edicule was erected above the spot where Christian tradition says Jesus' body was anointed, wrapped in cloth and buried before his resurrection. With its stone staircases, gilded ornamentation and many dark chambers, the church is one of Christianity's holiest shrines. The Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox and Armenian churches are responsible for maintaining separate sections, and each denomination jealously guards its domain. While the clergymen who work and pray at the church generally get along, tensions can rise to the surface. This time, the clergymen put aside their differences - a reflection of the dire need for the repairs. An Associated Press team had exclusive access to the site as the work began late on Monday, carried out by a team of nine Greek experts who have done similar restoration work on the Acropolis as well as to Byzantine churches throughout the Mediterranean. While a group of nuns looked on, the sound of clanking tools filled the vast arched space where conservators and restoration experts began chipping away at mortar between marble slabs. Antonia Moropoulou, an architect at the National Technical University of Athens, which is supervising the renovation, noted the intricacy of the historic effort. The church, one of the world's oldest, was built in 325 AD by the Roman Emperor Constantine.
Christian nuns watch as a team of experts begin renovation of Jesus' tomb in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem's Old City, on Monday. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is set 19 years after the seventh and final book in the series by J.K.
Like many of his fans, Potter has now grown up and has three children with his wife Ginny Weasley, the sister of his friend Ron, and is working at the Ministry of Magic. He still has his trademark round-rimmed glasses and the scar on his head, a permanent reminder of his nemesis Lord Voldemort, but must now help his youngest son Albus confront the family's dark past. Cut-price previews for the play at the Palace Theatre, in London's West End, began on Tuesday ahead of the world premiere on July 30. The anticipation has been building for months, not least among its stars, including Jamie Parker, the 36-year-old actor who plays Potter. Some fans queried the casting of a black actress, Olivier award winner Noma Dumezweni, as Potter's sidekick Hermione Granger, played in the films by Emma Watson. But Rowling backed the actress, saying Hermione was described as "brown eyes, frizzy hair and very clever. Despite putting unprecedented security measures in place for Euro 2016, France remains deeply concerned over the jihadists' ability to strike a soft target. Millions of foreign visitors and the world's press are set to descend on the country for a month of sporting action from Friday - creating endless nightmares for its overstretched security services.
President Francois Hollande acknowledged the threat on Sunday, though he tried to put a brave face on it.
Hollande's government introduced a state of emergency in the wake of last year's jihadist attacks in Paris, allowing police to raid homes and place people under house arrest with minimal oversight. But the challenge of monitoring those who have returned from Syria and Iraq, or who have sneaked into Europe using false passports or with the influx of refugees, has overwhelmed the continent's security services.
On May 13, in a town north of Baghdad, militants attacked a cafe where Real Madrid supporters regularly meet, killing 16 people with automatic weapons and grenades. And tensions were raised further on Monday, when Ukraine's security services said they had arrested a suspected far-right extremist Frenchman with an arsenal of weapons and explosives who was allegedly planning "15 terrorist strikes" before and during the tournament. France has mobilized a huge security detail of 90,000 police and security guards to protect the 10 venues hosting matches around the country. Some of the 10,000 soldiers deployed around France since last year's deadly jihadist attacks in Paris will also be used to secure the matches.
Soldiers and police keep guard near the hotel housing England's soccer team in Chantilly, France, on Monday. A bomb ripped through a Turkish police vehicle near Istanbul's historic center on Tuesday, killing seven officers and four civilians and adding to security concerns after a string of attacks in Turkey's biggest city. The bomb targeted a service shuttle bus carrying officers from Istanbul's anti-riot police as it was passing through the central Beyazit district close to many of the city's top tourist sites, Istanbul governor Vasip Sahin said in a live statement on Turkish television.

Reports said the explosion took place close to the Vezneciler metro station, which is within walking distance of some of the city's main tourist sites including the famed Suleymaniye Mosque. Pictures showed the bomb had turned the police vehicle into mangled wreckage and that nearby shops had their front windows smashed out by the force of the blast.
Television pictures showed bomb disposal experts examining the scene in case of a second unexploded bomb and reports said at least one controlled explosion was carried out. Scheduled examinations at Istanbul University - which lies close to the scene of the blast - have been canceled. Reports said that shots were heard and pictures showed police in bullet proof vests brandishing their weapons.
The blast took place opposite an upscale hotel favored by foreign tourists, the Celal Aga Konagi Hotel, a converted Ottoman mansion. But since the start of the year, Turkey has been hit by a series of attacks that have rattled citizens and also caused tourism to plummet. Two separate blasts in Ankara claimed by the Kurdistan Freedom Falcons - a radical splinter group of the better-known outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party - earlier this year claimed dozens of lives. Former World Bank economist Pedro Pablo Kuczysnki's razor-thin lead over Keiko Fujimori shrank to fewer than 51,000 votes on Tuesday.
While two quick counts showed Kuczynski prevailing in a tight contest, still to be counted are the ballots of 885,000 Peruvians eligible to vote abroad, the majority living in the United States, and who turned out massively for Fujimori in the 2011 election. About 1,200 handwritten tallies of some 360,000 votes were being disputed and were sent to a special electoral board for review, Mariano Cucho, the head of Peru's electoral authority, told RPP Radio on Tuesday.
Both candidates remained silent while awaiting final results even as their aides began to jockey for positions in an eventual alliance in congress, where Fujimori's Popular Force won a solid majority of 73 of 130 seats.
While Kuczynski's campaign said it is ready to work with all political groups, supporters of Fujimori expressed doubt that the wounds from the final stretch of the campaign, in which Kuczynski accused Keiko Fujimori of being the harbinger of a "narco-state," could be easily healed.
Two lawyers appointed by Masuzoe found that among the governor's questionable use of political funds, it was inappropriate to use such funds for six stays at hotels and for 14 meals at restaurants near his residence in Tokyo and his villa in the town of Yugawara, Kanagawa prefecture.
During a news conference to announce the findings, Masuzoe expressed his intention to remain in office. Regarding the payments for hotel stays and restaurants that the lawyers deemed to be inappropriate, Masuzoe said he will donate the equivalent amounts to welfare organizations using his private assets. When it came to the villa which Masuzoe has been criticized for frequently visiting using an official car, the governor said he will sell the facility as soon as possible. As of Thursday, the Tokyo metropolitan government received about 24,400 opinions from the public, most of which were criticisms of Masuzoe. Unidentified bike-riding assailants shot and hacked a Hindu priest to death on Tuesday in southwestern Bangladesh amid a spate of similar attacks allegedly by radical Islamist groups since last year. Cut the eggplant lengthways into 8 thin slices, then lightly brush each side with olive oil.
When eggplant is cooled but still soft, spread a heaped tablespoon of ricotta mixture at the end of 1 slice and roll up to enclose. To serve, divide the eggplant rolls, eggs, tomatoes, cucumber and olives among serving plates. However, it has triggered a traffic alert from the government, calling for calm and patience from motorists on the roads, as in the past few years. Owners said their milking job was basically suspended after the Gypsy Day, and the farm will only become busy again in late August. Through adjusting the breeding season of cows, farmers have managed to keep the increase of stock in line with steady grass supply, thus forming a relatively fixated lactation and dry-up period. In this partnership, the farm owner provides the pasture and the sharemilker offers stock as a way of shareholding, in which both can benefit from the sale of milk.
The South Pacific island country with a population of around 4.5 million has kept about 40 million sheep and 10 million cows. After intensive restoration and innovation, the Kiwis are resorting to a sustainable farming culture, which in turn helps boost the country's tourism industry, making it the second-largest foreign currency earner with an evergreen landscape and herding.
As a result, New Zealand can brand its dairy and meat products as safe and green, a winner in the global market. For example, during milk gathering, the very first step of the industrial process, each milk tanker is equipped with analyzing gadgets and a GPS and performs initial tests at the site.
The procedure itself guarantees the safety of the milk starting at the farm gate and eliminates any possibilities of human error. Adults would even get a can of Pimm's, a fruit punch popular at summer garden parties in Britain.
The 90-year-old monarch's real birthday falls on April 21, the date on which she was born in 1926. Opinions polls show the vote could produce another political stalemate, forcing PP to strike a "grand coalition" deal with the Socialists and newcomer liberal party Ciudadanos to remain in power. Everything that came up as the Philippines' position on the South China Sea afterward has something to do with 'rule-based' and 'legal framework.' But these are the rule basis determined by the United States," noted Encomienda. Rather, the whole military infrastructure it built would be exposed as a facade to contain China," Kapunan wrote.
The protesters accused the outgoing administration of President Benigno Aquino III of subservience to the US government through the Enhance Defense Cooperation Agreement or EDCA, which effectively allows US troops to use Philippine military bases. She didn't consider herself a famous person, not like the judges on The Voice, where she competed, but she had a following that was as enthusiastic about her music as she was.
Millions of people, far more than those who loved her for her music, were shocked and saddened by her death. Preceding her were John Lennon, designer Gianni Versace and 1980s sitcom star Rebecca Shaeffer. She was intent on finding success on her own terms, writing songs that expressed her interests, "not just dancing and getting drunk and blah-blah-blah," as she told Entertainment Weekly. She was incredibly talented and she sang from her heart," said 17-year-old Kaitlin Martin, a fan, who was waiting outside Orlando's The Plaza Live concert venue Friday night when she heard loud "pops" coming from inside. Each night, groups of migrants and refugees huddle at the railway station of the small border town of Didimoticho, about 3 kilometers from the frontier, setting up small tents and waiting for their chance to cross.
Finished," he said, sitting in a small park near the railway station in Thessaloniki, Greece's main northern city, where he, his 20-year-old wife Yasmine Ramadan and their daughter Legine, who they call Loulou, spent what they hoped would be their last night in the country.
That trapped about 57,000 people in Greece, a country enduring a six-year financial crisis and with unemployment running at around 24 percent.
Authorities evacuated the camp last month, and the family were moved to an official camp with thousands of others. With a fence sealing the small section of land border, the only option to those without the correct documentation is to take their chances across the river. Police say they have detained about 150 migrants trying to cross illegally into Turkey over the past two months. He said the suspect exchanged gunfire with an officer working at the club around 2 am, then went back inside and took hostages. He says authorities are looking into whether this was an act of domestic or international terror, and if the shooter was a lone wolf.
At least two police pickup trucks were seen taking what appeared to be shooting victims to the Orlando Regional Medical Center. A bouncer knocked down a partition between the club area and an area in the back where only workers are allowed. The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said 20 people were killed and dozens were wounded in the two explosions. The Syria Democratic Forces, a predominantly Kurdish group, encircled the town after capturing dozens of villages and farms near the Turkish border. It said airstrikes by the US-led coalition have killed 30 civilians, including 11 children, since SDF began its offensive on May 31.
One poll published late on Saturday gave a two-point lead to supporters of "Remain" and the other showed those in favor of Brexit were one point ahead.
The explosion, which happened in an area of the city famous for its night life, occurred just before 0700 GMT, Luca Cari told Reuters. Four civilians and three soldiers were killed when a group of gunmen went on the rampage at gun shops and attempted to storm a military base on June 5 in Aktobe.
Israelis quickly returned to routine: the outdoor cafe area where the shooting took place was open to customers on Thursday morning. The complex is across the street from Israel's military headquarters and is often filled with tourists and young soldiers in uniform.
He called the attack a "cold blooded murder by despicable terrorists," according to a statement from his office.
Hamas official Mushir al-Masri called the shootings a "heroic operation" and the group later issued an official statement promising the "Zionists" more "surprises" during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. Golden royal barges glinted in a twilight procession, gliding down the Chao Phraya River, for an audience that included representatives of 25 of the world's royal families, who also attended an opulent banquet the next day. On Thursday morning, 770 monks were ordained during religious ceremonies at a newly built throne hall in the palace temple complex, and fireworks will accompany a candlelight gathering near the ceremonial Grand Palace.
Old royalists slowly but successfully helped the young Bhumibol regain power and influence for the monarchy.
Admirers and critics alike credit the king with steering the nation through the turbulent decades of the 1960s and '70s, when neighboring countries fell prey to war and totalitarian rule. Those are the emotions that shadow Odole Emmanuel Opeyemi every time the Nigerian man steps out of his New Delhi apartment. Even old men and women will stand up as if any contact with me will give them a disease," he said, describing the mixture of fear and revulsion with which most Indians treat Africans. For them rampant racism is a daily battle in a country where their dark skin places them at the lower end of a series of strictly observed social hierarchies. Three men who insisted they had hired the vehicle beat him up and hit him on the head with a rock, killing him, according to police. The African Heads of Mission in New Delhi issued a statement asking the government to address "racism and Afro-phobia" in the country. Two men suspected in the attack were arrested within a day, while a third remains at large. A protest planned by African students in the Indian capital was put off after government officials reached out to African student groups. With each win she further solidified Senator Bernie Sanders' defeat and dashed his already slim chances of using the last night of state contests to refuel his flagging bid. Standing before a flag-waving crowd in Brooklyn, the former secretary of state soaked up the cheers and beamed. Still, Sanders had hoped to use a victory in California to persuade party insiders to switch their allegiances. In his typically passionate remarks, the socialist firebrand repeatedly noted "we are in this together" and argued that a base tenet of his campaign was that "we will not allow right-wing Republicans to control our government". The White House said Sanders and Obama would meet Thursday, at Sanders' request, to discuss "how to build on the extraordinary work he has done to engage millions of Democratic voters, and to build on that enthusiasm".
Representatives from the Thailand Authority of Tourism will go to Phuket to offer assistance on Thursday.
On Sunday, 28 people were injured when a speedboat carrying passengers back from an evening music concert on the island of Koh Samet smashed into a container ship. But even a "ring of steel" around Kabul, with tens of thousands of policemen, soldiers and private security guards deployed on a daily basis, has not kept attackers away.
Though he isn't "happy because the walls turn the city into a prison", he says working is better than not having a job. In March, a man wearing a fake suicide belt hijacked an EgyptAir plane and diverted it to Cyprus. Along the way, the 74-year-old US senator from Vermont energized young and progressive voters and prepared the ground for what his allies predict will be a lasting influence on the party. But even before her victory, Sanders began taking steps to turn his newfound political influence into an enduring progressive movement. The future of the party is with the people supporting Sanders," said Charles Chamberlain, executive director of Democracy for America, a liberal Vermont-based group that rose from Howard Dean's failed 2004 presidential bid and endorsed Sanders this time. It is the first such work at the tomb since 1810, when the shrine was restored and given its current shape following a fire. Last year, Israeli police briefly shut down the building after Israel's Antiquities Authority deemed it unsafe, prompting the Christian denominations to join forces.
Using cotton swabs dipped into a solution of liquid soap and water, one expert scrubbed away centuries-old layers of wax and carbon dioxide. Rowling, which have sold more than 450 million copies since 1997 and been adapted into eight films. The first 175,000 tickets sold within 24 hours in October, and the script is already a best-seller before it has even been published. One hundred percent precaution does not mean a zero percent risk," said Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve.
Kuczynski's fledgling movement will have just 18, fewer than even the country's main leftist alliance. Reduce heat to medium and simmer for 5-6 minutes for soft-boiled, then remove and plunge into iced water. Many were amused and pitied the Guardsman who fainted during the Trooping the Colour ceremony.
Now, dozens of Syrian refugees are risking their lives again but in the opposite direction - paying smugglers to take them back to Turkey, and heading home. Syrians cannot be officially returned to their war-ravaged country, and the legal path to Turkey would be lengthy and bureaucratic. In mid-May, police caught five Syrians aged between 23 and 52 trying to row across the river in a dinghy. The reason for the explosion was still not fully clear but was likely due to a gas leak, Cari said. On Tuesday, he underwent an operation to clear an artery; doctors said the results were satisfactory. Hundreds of thousands of ordinary Thais jammed Bangkok's Royal Plaza to hear their king - wearing a gold brocade robe and flanked on a palace balcony by his family - deliver a short speech calling for national unity.
Long lines formed outside banks to buy for 100 baht a special commemorative 70-baht banknote, worth about $2 - encased in a yellow paper frame, the color of the royalty. The walls are transported into the city overnight and winched into place with cranes, he said.
A 12th-century restoration by the Crusaders gave the Holy Sepulchre its current appearance, while in 1808 a fire all but destroyed the Edicule. Officials worry the sporting event will be targeted by terrorists, with France still reeling from previous attacks. Add the fish and cook for 2 minutes each side or until the fish flakes easily when tested with a fork in the thickest part. So many opt for smugglers, who migrants say now charge cut-price rates of just a few hundred euros instead of thousands to be taken in the opposite direction.

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