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When discussing the eating habits of our shorter and cuter counterparts, we often use the terms “kid food,” or “kid-friendly.” So what is kid food and what makes a food kid-friendly?! Now there’s no need to turn your youngins into full-fledged plant-powered foodies who say no to crusty pizza and ice cream. I am totally putting a few of these recipes on my radar, even though I don’t have kids! He isn’t very picky at all, but sometimes the no meat meals aren’t satisfying enough for him These are great creative ways to change that! The importance of feeding children with wholesome ingredients cannot be overstated, my frands.

We all need those indulgences in our lives at one time or another. But a little healthy eating surely won’t hurt the little sprouts! Eat up, friends! Others like to build intricate structures out of Legos and we wonder how they’re smarter than us at age two. Healthy living that starts at a young age, and the food that they consume will set them up for top-notch growing. Some kiddos like monster trucks and some kiddos like green beans and some kiddos are super, super picky. And yes, at times, that may sound something like chicken fingers, pizza, ice cream, and mac n’ cheese.

Thankfully, at the end of every single one of our crazy, busy, adventurous, finger-painted days, all kids crave the same thing: yumtastical food. So, what if I told that you could give your kids all of these foods in a healthier, plant-powered form?

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