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Tie a knot in your ribbons and slide them through the holes with the knot on the inside of the cup.
We put the Happy Shamrock Day napkin over the hole to disguise it.  The leprechaun will be so delighted with our Welcome Message, and feel so loved then, Whamo!
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Holding the cup and foam together, shake the glitter around the cup until it covers the inside. I stuffed it full of Fiber Fill and added a few gold coins on top to make it look very full! Please follow along with me and sign up for my Free Newsletter to get all of the latest fun!
I'm Melissa, a stay at home mom to 4 cute little rugrats, a Field Editor for "Taste of Home" Magazine where I review and create recipes, and a former elementary school teacher. This collection will help introduce you to some of the best comfort food recipes that the South has to offer. This easy fish fry recipe will be a hit with kids and adults alike, making it the perfect go-to dinner recipe. Between you and I, if they see a little Leprechaun inside this trap, they’ll run like crazy & stay up at nights for a week!

This is where I love to share Recipe Creations, Crafts, & Fun Foods for Holidays and Special Occasions.
After cutting the fillets into bite-sized pieces, coat the fish nuggets in a homemade blend of spices and cornmeal. I’m going to hurry and give you the link from Veggie Inspired Journey so you can get this on the table, tonight! Once the fish has been coated, fry the fish in a skillet of hot oil and fry them until they are golden brown.
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