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Today’ s ratatouille dish is inspired by  American Girl 2015 Girl of The Year- Grace Thomas. This recipe builds cutting skills and I pre-scored the soft veggies for her to try and keep them relatively the same thickness. Go ahead and pull out everything you are going to need down to spices before starting so you don’t have to walk away from little during prep to grab something.
Click here to print the ratatouille-recipe-card– or click the recipe card image and it will bring you right to the download of the pdf for it. Toss all vegetables, parmesan, olive oil , basil, garlic and pepper together in a large bowl until well mixed.

About the author: I am a Work at home homeschooling mom of two- a fierce 4 year old princess who keeps me hopping, and my sweet, laid back, first born- a little boy who is 7.
The knife and cutting board that came with our Curious Chef 5 Piece Pizza Kit  is perfect for soft veggies. That is awesome, it would definitely give some inspiration to my daughter to try something new! They each come with a story that is complete enough a child would have no problem pretending she can be part of her world.
Safe,  comfortable,and manageable for little hands it is a great addition to our kitchen tools.

I think this recipe is great and since it is something the doll would ‘enjoy’ a child might enjoy it also !
Demonstrate to your child how to hold the vegetables opposite of where they are cutting with fingers tucked in, careful movements with knife.

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