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I’m not a salesman, but if I wanted you to buy my food product, I would say whatever I wanted to GET you to buy it. Many of us are watching our cholesterol, but did you know that many of the products with this claim, never HAD cholesterol? Unfortunately, for many processed, packaged foods, they need to make the end product taste good.
Although companies are removing the Trans fats, and many food labels may claim there are no Trans Fats in the product, there may still be some. Reduced fat products will not help you lose weight, especially if fat is replaced with sugar, and the product still contains a lot of calories.
Is this your idea of portion control: a sleeve of Oreos, a pint of ice cream, eating chips out of the bag until you’re full, placing enough food on your plate so the flowery print underneath no longer shows?
Does the idea of measuring your food in cups, counting grapes and weighing your meat when you made it through an exhausting day seem ridiculous? As registered dietitians, we tell people to watch their portions and read labels but how many of you know how? These top rated dog foods should be used as a comparative guide if your are looking to upgrade to a better quality dog food. This top 10 list of best natural dog food brands may change due to further recalls, changes in production or other criteria. ORIJEN is made by CHAMPION PET FOODS, in Canada, and consistently wins awards for their quality products. Read the MISSION STATEMENT FROM CHAMPION PET FOODS about making ORIJEN, and what their overall philosophy is for our pets. ORIJEN is a high protein, grain free dog food, and uses sweet potatoes as the carbohydrate source, which an excellent source of complex carbohydrates. Free of grains and preservatives, this food is cooked at low temperatures to seal in the fresh taste of its regionally harvested ingredients. Chicken, flax, sunflower, salmon and anchovy oils provide the essential fatty acids that dogs cannot produce themselves (including DHA and EPA) and are so important to nutritionally support the development of cell membranes, immune systems and a vibrant skin and hair coat.
Orijen’s highest quality standards are kept for this Freeze Dried Food, just as with the original formulas.
High protein, low carbohydrate formulas for optimal canine nutrition, each made exclusively from wholesome protein sources passed as fit for human consumption. With NO grain, NO corn or glutens, NO inappropriate oils or vegetable protein sources, Acana formulas are also ethoxyquin-free, with NO artificial flavors, colors or preservatives, and absolutely NO genetically modified ingredients.
NEVER OUTSOURCED: Made from Canada’s best and freshest ingredients in award-winning kitchens. ACANA offers dog food formulas for puppies, adults, senior, small breed and large breed formulas. Blue Wilderness is Available in formulas for Puppies, Adults and Seniors in kibble and canned formulas.
Organic fruits and vegetables such as cranberries, carrots, apples, spinach, broccoli and beets.

Healthful, direct-fed microorganisms (probiotics), natural tocopherols, chelated trace minerals and taurine. NO grain, NO fillers, NO artificial preservatives, NO colorings, NO added hormones, NO antibiotics AND NO sugar or salt!
Highly digestible, specializes in Premium Proteins and Game Meats such as Kangaroo, Brushtail, Venison and Unagi, from New Zealand. Addiction gently air-dries raw meat, fruits, and vegetables to keep ingredients fresh and retain vitamins and enzymes for maximum nutrition.
NATURE’S VARIETY is perfect for rotation feeding, and with easily interchangeable food products, you can give your companion a change in flavours, textures and overall enjoyment. Taste of the Wild Grain-Free Dry Dog Food is grain-free, gluten-free, and features no corn or soy. The all natural formulas support healthy digestion with chelated minerals and sweet potatoes and support a healthy coat with their unique omega fatty acid blend.
Sierra Mountain– Roasted lamb as the main ingredient, this grain-free, allergy friendly formula is high in protein and highly palatable. Southwest Canyon – Drawing on a variety of meat protein sources, including beef, lamb, and wild boar, this grain-free diet has a unique, delicious taste your dog will love.
Wetlands – Made with roasted quail, roasted duck, and smoked turkey, this poultry based diet is an irresistible blend that is grain-free and high in protein. This is a dehydrated product, and excellent choice for someone wanting to feed as close to homemade as possible, without the extra work. FDA approved human grade pet food is produced in a human food facility and not a pet food plant. The Honest Kitchen requires certification to verify that every lot of raw ingredients we buy has been tested clear of salmonella, E-coli, listeria, lead, arsenic, mercury, melamine, yeast and mold & pesticide residues. This gourmet puppy and dog food diet is made with limited carbohydrates and high protein to support muscle structure and function, and promote lean body mass. Preference is suggested for use with added raw meat, meaty bones or cooked meat of your choice (never cooked bones), as a base for a home made diet.
Cholesterol only comes from animals, (meats, eggs, seafood, dairy) so something like potato chips (that come from the ground) never had cholesterol!
A product can have up to .5gm of Trans Fats per serving and be allowed to claim that it contains ZERO!
Does the gibberish on the side of that Lean Cuisine leave you wanting to run for more Oreos to calm your nerves? A simple to read and understand list of ingredients, and everything on this list is something I would eat. Brushtail is not native to New Zealand and eats only the best berries and foliage, destroying forests and wildlife. Each grain-free formula combines high protein kibble plus freeze dried raw together in the same bag.
It’s never been easier to nourish your puppy with the pure and wholesome nutrition of raw.
Each formula is thoughtfully balanced with the wholesome foods your pet would eat in nature, like real meat or poultry, healthy vegetables and fruits, and no grain or gluten.

All canned formulas are 95% meat and liver, and complete & balanced for all life stages. Featuring highly digestible sweet potatoes and an antioxidant rich berry blend, this diet features the natural vitamins and minerals your dog needs to thrive. Plus, it contains easily digestible sweet potatoes and peas for energy and plenty of fruits & veggies for vital nutrients, like antioxidants. It also features low-glycemic garbanzo beans for easily digested energy and antioxidant rich blueberries and raspberries. Some products do not have meat, and you can add your own organic protein to make the best homemade organic dog food.
Everywhere you go, you see low-fat, low-sugar, no trans-fats, no cholesterol, all natural, etc. 7 grain bread may sound healthy, but it can be several lame grains that are refined and mixed together. With an innovative manufacturing process and a proprietary formula, it’s loaded with up to three times more real chicken and duck than conventional dry pet food. A pure, biologically appropriate diet like this provides nutrient-dense, highly digestible nutrition to help your pet thrive.
But many of these foods never had these things in them to begin with, and many take one item out to put another one in. Juices may be a good source of Vitamin C, but it can still be extremely high in sugar AND they might have added the Vitamin C to begin with! What are you going to do, ask the waiter serving your glass of champagne at the wedding to bring a scale for your chicken masala? By feeding this food, you are not only helping to conserve New Zealand’s plant and animal life but are also providing your pet with a nutritionally superior meal that promotes wellness and vitality. Feed instinctively – give your pet the nourishment and energy to achieve a healthy, happy life. They could add calcium to things like waffles, and if you are lactose intolerant, that may be a way for you to get your calcium, but the food itself can be crap.
They won’t tell you that, but trust me, when the fat comes out they add a ton of sugar and vice versa. Would you even know what a correct portion was if these accommodating individuals brought you these items? We do not use grain, gluten, or low quality filler ingredients commonly found in other pet foods. Natural just means it was not chemically made, but it still can be a product that’s high in calories, or low in nutrients.
Or worse, they add weird additives, chemicals and food-alternatives to make up for the missing consistency.

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