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Unfortunately, I didn’t realize how much junk was also in foods that would only take a few ingredients to make in my own kitchen.

Ingredients are listed on the label in order from what the food contains the most to the least.
It also has the artificial color Red #40 that has been shown to cause hyperactivity in children. Si en cualquier momento se siente insatisfecho con su experiencia con nosotros, puede cancelar su suscripcion. BUT, there is also maltodextrin which is a filler made from corn, cornstarch, and corn syrup solids. We enjoy our homemade strawberry jam more, knowing that is doesn’t contain extra sweeteners and artificial ingredients. I really don’t know why a picture of Larry the Cable Guy on the front of your food would be appealing. When visiting someone’s house over Memorial Day weekend I got permission to take photos of a few foods to share with you all what is *really* inside those packages.

I have no idea why peanuts need corn syrup solids or corn fillers but these do contain those. This bread is nutritionally worthless with mostly white flour and sugar and a bunch of added in vitamins and minerals since everything is stripped out in the refining process. Food lesson: If a celebrity is on the box (especially one that is not an athlete or in shape in an way) you should probably skip that food. For the record, my host threw this in trash and didn’t even make it (it came free with something else).

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