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Instant Oats dosa is a very healthy and easy to prepare mouth watering crepe that is a perfect breakfast dish to be enjoyed by all and makes a balanced diet. Paneer Chilli Recipe an innovative recipe with the traditional paneer is a combination of the best of Indian and Chinese ..
HAWAIIAN SANDWICH: Spread toasted bread with mayonnaise and sliced pineapple and a slice of American cheese.
Caramel Custard - Caramel Pudding - Steamed Caramel Pudding Recipe This easy-to-make pudding is popular all over India but made especially well by the Parsis, Mangaloreans (both from Western India) and the Anglo-Indians. Vegetable balls with raw banana and choice of different kinds of vegetables, onion, garlic, ginger, and green chilli in soy sauce.
Bitter melon is an excellent source of folates, vitamin C, b-carotene, lutein, a-carotene, zeaxanthins, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B3 and B5, potassium, iron, manganese, zinc, magnesium etc. A lot of dishes can be prepared using bitter melon and among them bitter melon stir-fry is very popular throughout the world.
Directions to Make Bitter Melon Stir-fry First of all wash the bitter melon very well and dry it with a paper towel. Sprinkle salt over the thin slices of bitter melon and keep them in a colander to drain for about fifteen minutes.
Heat a frying pan and add two tablespoons of oil and when the oil becomes hot, add the chili pepper and garlic mixture to the oil. Once the bitter melon slices are uniformly stir-fried, splash red wine or balsamic vinegar and soy sauce over the melons.

When the bitter melons become brown or begin to soften, add a few drops of sesame oil and mix well. If you want to cook bitter melon quickly, then better parboil the melon slices before stir-frying. As parboiling reduces the bitter taste of the bitter melon; the true lovers of bitter melon may better avoid this. Noodles are a favorite among many but it is associated with a lot of oil and fat content too!
If you think that vegetarian cuisine is just munching on a few raw carrot sticks then think again. Often due to certain health conditions or fitness issues we suffer from pains and aches that make our life challenging. Whenever anyone utters the word ‘Biryani’ isn’t your mouth start watering with the mere idea of having one? A simple, fresh home cooked food like these dosas, provide you with the happiness of good taste and flavor and various nutritional benefits too. The bitter taste of this melon may make many people to turn away from it, but it has immense ability to improve your health. Polypeptide- P, known as plant insulin and charantin, a hypoglycemic agent, present in bitter melon helps to lower the blood sugar level and hence, is ideal for diabetic patients. Hence, bitter melon is widely used for lowering cholesterol and also used as anthelmintic, antibacterial, antiviral etc.

Thereafter cut the ends of bitter melon and then cut them longitudinally to halves and remove the seeds along with the white pith inside the melon. In between mix the chili pepper flakes and minced garlic in a small bowl and keep it aside. For this boil some water in a pan and immerse the melon slices in the boiling water and parboil, till it becomes tender, which may take two to three minutes.
Bitter melon can also be steamed and used as a stuffing along with seasoning and ground pork. Dosa is a very popular South Indian fermented crepe or pancake preparation made from urad dal (black or white lentil) and rice.
This is because of the presence of health promoting and disease preventing phyto chemical compounds.
It is also beneficial for dieters, as per 100 grams of bitter melon provides only 17 calories.

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