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You should definitely try these Hungarian plum dumplings! Let me know if you like them as much as I do. You forgot to mention that the breadcrumbs are browned in the oil (I use coconut oil) and a little bit of cinnamon. On this vegetarian food blog, you'll find many useful tips for vegetarians and vegans, plus many other great resources.
Normally I steer clear of anything that involves deep frying, but you can’t find this here, so I decided to make my own version. Mix together well in the bowl and turn out onto a board or workbench to knead.  The dough will eventually become smooth and springy. I slightly modified the recipe, trying to make it a bit healthier by substituting some of the ingredients. After they are boiled, remove them from the water and let them cool for a couple of minutes, then peel them under cold water and mash them.

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I'd be happy for you to share them for any non-commercial purpose but please make sure to link back to the original post and give credit where it’s due. Roll out into little balls.  Stretch out each piece with your fingers into a round shape with the centre being thinner than the edges. For example, instead of refined sugar, I used honey and dates sugar and also I lowered the amount of oil used in the original recipe. And you've shared the vegan version as well, easy job for me:)) Thanks for this great recipe, bookmarked! On Gourmandelle you'll find lots of vegetarian recipes, free vegetarian meal plans and useful tips for a healthy vegetarian lifestyle. Not an exact representative of Hungarian cuisine because I was limited to just vegetarian friendly foods, but it was still good.

Just did that on Monday actually, We will use them on Friday as a second course to gulyas leves (goulash soup) This whole Gomboc and soup thing will remind me of my mom. The surrounding countries of Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Romania and Serbia all have their own versions. Flatten the ball and place the plum into the center, then remake the ball with the plum inside. Tip: You must have flour on your hands all the time, so the dough won’t stick to your fingers.
Be careful, if the dumplings stick to the bottom of the pot all you need to do is to shake it a little bit.

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