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We believe that, through nutrition, everyone can develop super-human mental and physical powers.
Nigella Sativa: Ancient Egyptian Cancer-Fighting Super-SpiceNigella Sativa (aka, black cumin) is a tasty spice that's both exotic and nutritious.
Pomegranate: Mythical Fruit of Paradise, Antioxidant PowerhousePomegranates feature prominently in ancient mythology, but their super powers for health are anything but!
The Papaya – A Delicious SuperFruit that Fights Cancer and Enhances DigestionPapayas contain two powerful enzymes called papain and chymopapain. Elderberry: The Anti-Viral SuperFruit that Fights the FluElderberry is the antiviral super-fruit that fights the flu and battles inflammation.

Lychee: Chinese Symbol of Love, Beauty & Well-beingLong believed to be an immune-booster, digestive aid and wellbeing enhancer in Asia, lychees are also, well…they’re lychee-LICIOUS!
Our mission is to make it fun, easy and delicious for you to realize your full super-powered potential. Pomegranates have incredibly potent levels of antioxidants - more than red wine, green tea and blueberries. In initial studies, this superfruit has been shown to protect against heart disease and also appears to have potent anti-cancer and anti-inflammation capabilities, which researchers are just starting to study.
Best to get unsalted and low sugar peanut butter.Salmon – Everyone needs omega 3 fatty acids, even dogs!

Salmon will help keep your dog’s coat shiny and healthy and also helps boost the K9 immune system.

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