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I mean, really, I love this stuff so much, I could very well sit down with a bowl and eat the whole thing by the spoonful! Lucky me just made a double batch of this yesterday… Guess what I’ll be having for my afternoon snacks this week!
INGREDIENTS2 cups dried chickpeas (the smallest you can find) 2 tbsp baking soda for soaking + ? tsp for cooking ? cup tahini juice from 1 squeezed lemon 2 garlic cloves ? tsp salt 1 teaspoon cumin ? - 1 cup water, depending on desired textureINSTRUCTIONSSoak chickpeas in clean water with 2 tablespoons of baking soda overnight. Drain, rinse and soak again in tap water for a few more hours. I have never been a fan of Hummus, but I recently came across an interesting recipe using Onion Crunch as a topping for the dish. The baking soda doesn’t affect the taste at all, but it totally changes the texture of the chickpeas. If you want it to be just as smooth, you will definitely want to add more water and let your food processor run for a bit.
The title of my post includes many different types of physical reactions to foods, but I will get to that in a minute. Eleven months ago in October 2011, Alyssa and I spent a beautiful Saturday together at the Grave’s Mountain Apple Festival. Before the end of the month, I developed a small rash on my face, so I tried the usual home remedies. A few days after taking the last dose of my oral steroids, the rash returned with a few bumps and increasing to a very swollen face with lots of rashy bumps. I fired my first dermatologist because she acted like my face wasn’t a big deal at all.
I returned to the dermatologist and a couple other medical doctors to get oral steroids to keep the rash at bay for eleven months. My patience was tested because it took a week before the results of the blood test came back. If a sufferer has a gluten intolerance, they will most often have minor symptoms that do not cause significant damage or disruption to regular body functions.
Celiac disease is a permanent inherited condition where the body’s immune system starts attacking normal tissue. As a side note – The part of the immune system that is triggered by allergic reactions is different from the part of the immune system that is responsible for the autoimmune reactions of Celiac disease. A grain allergy is an allergic reaction to the proteins (not just the gluten protein) found in all grains.
When I received the phone call from my doctor on Thursday morning before I left for work, I was scared and excited all at once. Because of the suffocation factor last time I had a reaction, I immediately quit eating all grains on Thursday, September 13th.
So all-in-all, I’m doing tremendously better and my outlook on food is not so grim as it was right after the doctor called. First, thanks for the incredibly clear, concise, yet thorough review of these various conditions.
I really needed to understand the differences between them because after telling people, they kept mistaking it for “gluten” or a disease! I agree with Joan…write your cookbook and all the recipes you try with regular flour, you can give it to mama, lol.
Came across your site randomly…a question for you about the blood tests you mentioned: do you by any chance know what kinds of blood tests they ran?
I have been suffering for over 2 years what I thought was chemicals in our town water supply is now a grain allergy. That’s pretty much everything I can remember as of now, if you have any clue on what this could be, please let me know and thank you for this article!
Do you know that black beans are really high in folic acid, magnesium and are a good source of potassium and iron?
Best part is, you can make this up to a week in advance and store in the refrigerator until you’re ready to use it!
Enjoy your healthy black bean hummus with bread and crackers as your pre or post workout snack!
In case you didn’t know, hummus starts with garbanzo beans which are also known as chickpeas, chana, sanagalu and ceci beans. Oh yeah, it started looking like my homemade hummus recipe was going to be nice and smooth. So you scoop the homemade hummus in a bowl, add onions on top and dip cucumber slices into it. As long as you are using cucumbers to scoop the hummus, you won’t be adding any calories or fat!
I could eat beans until they run out my ears, so I really love the zip of flavor this healthy country hummus has when using it as a spread or dip. If you haven’t ever liked hummus before, you may actually like the flavor of my country hummus.
When you really want to spiff it up, you can add grated cheese, black olives and diced jalapenos to the hummus too. They do add a nice crunch and the round fat molecules roll around on your tongue nicely, but they also have a tendency to find the hips and take a vacation there.
After eating three chips, I went back to using cucumbers as my means to scoop up the homemade hummus that is void of olive oil and tahini, tahini, tahini, tahini.

When the garbanzo beans are finished cooking, put them in the blender until the beans turn into a smooth mixture.
If I had the readership of PW, I would be able to include my entire post in the RSS feed, but I need people to come to my blog to read the post. Mind you, that is pretty much what I do… but to make things even tastier, I like to eat mine with pita chips. There are quite a few (thousand) available on the Net, and some of them will have you peel your chickpeas before you process them.
My daughter, who didn’t care much for the stuff not so long ago is now completely sold! The grains should absorb most of the water and almost double their volume. Rinse the chickpeas well and put them in a large pot.
Add your water a little bit at a time, and let it incorporate really well before adding more. Today I’m going to start with a personal story which will be followed by some facts for better clarity and finally I will share with you the main purpose of this post. The bumps were raised slightly and not only ached, but felt like there were ants crawling under my skin.
Before I tell you what’s wrong with me, I want to give you some definitions of different conditions that often are confused with each other.
Not only can a person be allergic if they ingest the gluten protein, but they can also suffer an allergic reaction if they touch something that has gluten in it.
By eating a gluten-free diet, people with gluten intolerance will avoid uncomfortable, but non-life threatening symptoms that dissipate when the gluten is eliminated from the body.
Any food product that includes ANY of the grains has to be permanently removed from the diet. Seven days later, my rash is one hundred percent gone, the swelling has subsided completely and the ant-crawling feeling disappeared after ELEVEN months of pain. I still have my moments of sadness, but I’m not near as sad as I was terrified when my esophagus was swelling up and cutting off my air supply. Sherry is witty, intelligent and addictive as she writes about cooking, family, marriage, failures, blogging tips, art, humor, inspiration, travel, PTSD and aging. Sherry embraces being a redhead and helps others to see the redhead point of view…"In some eras redheads were worshipped while others thought us witches.
It has been a huge relief because I thought I had some dreaded disease that was killing me! It’s nice to know that I’m not alone even though this new life is making me feel so great!
This is a drastic switch that I was totally unprepared for and didn’t see coming at all. I am working with a GP and soon a referral to an allergist, and know there are various ways to test the blood with varying outcomes. I do know that she tested all the main allergens…grains, egg, dust, grass, dirt, trees, etc.
We have tried all the pseudograins, and, although it takes a few servings of buckwheat or quinoa relatively close together to cause a really bad reaction, the reaction always comes. I think it very timely and inspiring that I have found this post of yours, as I searched for confirmation of my suspicions as to the cause of my burning face, itchy skin, sniffles and sneezes and bloatedness after eating a few bread products today. I’ll tell you why my homemade hummus is so different as we are making the recipe together.
Regardless of what you call them, I think a garbanzo bean looks fancy and festive even though I know it is really just a plain bean. I kept the water boiling rapidly for an hour until the garbanzo beans were soft and I could smoosh them between my fingers easily. I also don’t add peanut butter in place of tahini because Alyssa hates peanut butter.
Maybe you don’t look at her pictures either because some of her food photos are close up just like some of mine and some are back a bit just like mine.
It’s so unbelievably good, light, velvety and creamy, they should seriously consider renaming it to something like “Chickpea noIce Cream, or Chickpea Delight maybe, or maybe even Yum-mus, why not? No, no… not the deep fried kind of chips, simply whole wheat pita breads that I tear to pieces and toast in a 325F oven until they are really dry, crispy and golden brown.
While it is true that you cannot get extremely close with that kind of lens, the clarity is really out of this world. Before I could see the doctor, the rash became so swollen, itchy and painful that I couldn’t bear it. My rash felt hot to the touch at all times and my face was so swollen, it pulled my skin taut in different directions. After finding another dermatologist, we started trying to figure out what was wrong with my face. I awoke in the morning to find that I was profoundly affected and my esophagus was constricted.
Gluten is one protein in wheat, but someone with a wheat allergy is allergic to all the proteins and not just gluten.
People who have Celiac disease often suffer from deficiencies because their body is unable to absorb the nutrients, vitamins, minerals and calories from their food.

For the next two days, I barely ate and was in mourning for the loss of a style of eating that I have become accustomed to for nearly fifty years.
Of course, second, I can imagine how much this reflects your frustration after all the failed diagnoses you’ve had to deal with.
I realized how much got in the air when I was making a chocolate cake and could taste the chocolate just from what was around me. The high levels of fibre and protein in black beans also helps to keep your digestive system healthy! Therefore, I needed to come up with a hummus recipe that would satisfy as a yummy dip without tahini.
When I dip into the homemade hummus, it feels real to my tongue and tastes real to my tastebuds. Plus, I find that in food photography, closer is not always better… I really like your photos, by the way.
A regular medical doctor said that I appeared to be allergic to something and gave me a prescription for oral steroids. Also, if you want to know about my allergy, I want you to have the real facts about this condition. The blood test came back with an extremely conclusive result that I have developed a grain allergy with the worst being wheat, corn and oats. I have an allergy to ALL grains which I now avoid and my face is once again creamy white like my header photo. Third, I know what a change in your life style this final correct diagnosis inevitably brings to your life.
There is definitely an adjustment that needs to be made, since gluten is in SO MANY THINGS, but for me, it’s worth the extra effort to feel this good.
As much as it seems to be a trend nowadays, it truly is a new lifestyle many people are choosing in order to stay healthy and happy.
I eat low carbs and I use almond meal, flax seed meal and coconut flour in place of wheat flours or for breading foods. The blood tests are not THAT extravagant, so it should be easy to determine if you are allergic to grain. Some of the symptoms are itchy red skin, flaky dry skin (sometimes it turns oily as hell), runny nose, memory problems (this is becoming a bigger problem, I seem to forget things so easily!), itchy eyes even though it’s not that usual, shortness of breath (due to my nose being blocked by something which is probably mucus).
It is very mellow and this hummus recipe is not fattening unless you spread it on a thick slice of toasted buttered french bread. Regularly skim the surface during cooking process to remove foam and loose peels floating. When cooked, drain the chickpeas and transfer to food processor.
The medication comes in a pill pack that starts with a high dose of steroids and tapers down to a very low dose toward the end of treatment.
Eventually my cheeks were totally raw and so swollen that they actually felt hard instead of soft and squishy. I panicked because I felt powerless to help myself because no one else could determine the root cause of my agony. Hopefully, this information will make you better informed about your health, body and other people who are afflicted with some of these conditions. Not only has this been a physical adjustment, but it has also been a mental adjustment that required an incredible amount of self-talk. Oral steroids, Cortisone and Prednisone, prevent the release of substances in the body that cause inflammation, so my rash with the accompanying pain subsided during the treatment. When my regular medical doctor took the blood test and confidently told me she KNEW I had a food allergy, I was not convinced.
We did, however, spend about 10 grand on blood work, mris, a spinal tap, and I can’t even remember what else. Keep heat high enough that the beans cook at a rapid boil for about an hour or until the garbanzo beans are soft enough to be smooshed between your fingers easily. Allow to cool for a little while before you continue. Add the tahini, lemon juice, garlic, salt and cumin, then start the food processor. It may not happen by my 50th birthday in January, but it will be a reality sometime next year. Also, processed meats like like deli meat, hot dogs and even some hamburgers have wheat filler in them. At first, it was every couple of months, then weeks, then every few days till he couldn’t get out of bed. I kept cramming the chicken noodle soup and chocolate chip cookies down him trying to make him feel better. He had a blood sugar test come back high, so we basically removed all carbs except vegetables from his diet. The more I read, the more I think grain is really not something humans were ever made to eat at all. Removing grains took about 70 pounds off us collectively, and my daughter’s sinus infection that had lingered for 5 months was completely gone in two weeks.

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