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If you have any health problem associated with kidneys or simply take care of your general health, insert these foods into your diet. Garlic, olive oil and cabbage are just some of the foods which beneficially affect the kidneys. This vegetable contains a lot of potassium and gives an excellent flavor, texture, and plenty of vitamin C, A, B6, folic acid and dietary fiber to your meals. Cabbage is rich in phytochemicals that are excellent in the fight against free radicals, prevent cancer and help in the prevention of heart disease. Garlic is excellent for reducing the cholesterol and for the treatment of inflammatory processes. Onion contains little potassium, so it is not only healthy for the kidneys, but also for the heart. Studies have shown that people, who live in countries with a Mediterranean diet, suffer less from cancer and heart disease. Nutrition is the branch of science that studies about the consumption and utilization of food. Carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, fats, vitamins and water are the six vital nutrients needed for the body.

For protein a person is recommended to include chicken, fish, eggs, bread, nuts, legumes, meat and milk in his or her diet.
It is rich in chromium, a mineral that your body helps to process the fats, proteins and carbohydrates.
It is rich in fibers that have a strong anti-action properties to reduce cholesterol, improve digestion and protect the heart.
It is because olive oil contains many medicinal ingredients: oleic acid, antioxidants and polyphenols. It deals with the process of breaking down of food which is called catabolism and also with anabolism which is the study of creation and repairmen of cells and tissues. These can further be classified as macronutrients and micro nutrients depending on the volume of their requirement. Likewise, a healthy diet chart includes all the food essential for the vital nutrients like cereal, fruits, leafy vegetables, meat, eggs, fish, nuts, and so on because health and nutrition are the two sides of the same coin. Flavonoids are natural substances that prevent the piling up of fatty deposits in blood vessels. However the main concern of nutritional science is the relation of food and their role in the body.

Whereas vitamins and minerals constitute the micronutrients since these are required in tiny amounts by the body. Health and nutrition are interrelated and if one takes nutritious diet he or she remains healthy. Our body requires various nutrients to function properly and if there is a deficiency of any nutrient, a person suffers from diseases. That is why the study of nutrition is an important subject as it deals with the fitness issue. So, diet plays a vital role in the life of a person and thus it again links health and nutrition.

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