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One of the benefits of making your own treats is that you can control the quality of what goes in the treats.
Barbara Bowman graduated with degree in Foods and Nutrition from San Jose State University.
Commercial dog foods may contain preservatives that are altered by chemical processes and might to harmful for dogs. Do not forget to add in some vitamins, minerals, and rich in omega-3 oils for healthy skin and coat.
Most fruits are fine to include, as well as both raw and cooked meats, cooked grains, cooked eggs, cooked veggies too. Vegetables - Vitamins and minerals of all sorts are contained within vegetables, make sure your dog gets a wide variety of them. Do not be shocked at first, it is quite common for dogs to encounter a temporary stomach upset throughout a diet switch. Because there are so many unknowns, our new dog food cookbook has the most up-to-date healthy recipes for the life of your dog - from puppyhood to a mature full grown doggie.
As long as you include a solid, quality source of protein, we'll be much healthier than if we are kept on a commercial diet.
This is true no matter whether you choose a healthy homemade diet or a combination of dry dog food kibble and home made. Assurance that your dog is getting a balanced diet, and all the nutrients needed to stay healthy. A healthy way to add some variety in your dog's diet is by simply adding some fresh fruits and vegetables ether with your dog's meal or as a special treat in between to keep up his energy.
Consulting an expert Veterinary Nutritionist is advised when you are first starting your dog on any new diet.

Please note that all of our homemade dog food recipes take into consideration that your dog is already in reasonable health.
In a large covered pot, or your slow cooker, combine all ingredients from ground beef to water. Cover and cook just like a stew for 45 minutes over medium low heat - or in your slow cooker 5 hours on low. Note: Check to see that there is ample water at regular intervals while cooking so that your doggie stew doesn't run dry. When oven is up to temperature, place the salmon in an oven proof baking dish and cover with foil. Serve one portion of this favorite healthy home made dog food recipe, and freeze the remaining dog food in portions size zip lock type bags for future use. Busting the human grade dog food myth (and how dog food companies are dipping into your wallet).
Please feel free to send me a message, or ask a question by using this quick online form found here. Be sure to make your food that will ensure your dog eating a well-balanced, healthy diet which totally meets the nutritional needs. Raw eggs frequently carry harmful bacteria, be sure to scramble them or hard-boil them before inclusion in your recipes to avoid contaminating your homemade dog food recipes with an ingredient that may potentially be unsafe for your pooch. Add some energy-producing items like baked or boiled potatoes and boiled or steamed brown rice.
Your pooch will surely be very appreciative of the extra tasty, super high quality food you are serving him, prepared with healthy natural ingredients, using wisely selected safe, nutritionally balanced homemade dog food recipes. As you know, we like to sit at your feet as you stir your way to a better, more balanced dog food diet for us (all we ask is that you try to not step on our tails, please).

But it's OK to add some commercial dog food into our diet, in fact we need the kibble to crunch on. With just a few ingredients found at most any local grocer, you can add and substitute with whatever is in season now. And start slowly when you change up your dog's diet, mixing in the old diet with the new until your dog is completely weaned off the previous dog food. Allow about 40 minutes of cooking time for this part of the homemade dog food recipe, since brown rice tends to take longer to cook than white rice.
While use of chocolate is not safe and should not be used you can use carob or even white chocolate which does not contain the harmful compounds or regular chocolate. Choose ground beef or turkey to make your own dog food as promptly and easily as possible, as they are already conveniently chopped up for you. Carbohydrates like these provide sustained energy that will ensure your dog's energy between meals. Do not be afraid to play it safe and take longer time, mixing a little more homemade dog food with your pet's regular food each day. It is better to cook all meats, this is more important for ground meats as there are lots of surfaces in ground meat upon which dangerous bacteria can grow. Recipe copyright Bone Appetit by Suzan Anson Microwave Dog Biscuit Treats Whole wheat flour, dry milk, cornmeal, shortening, bouillon granules, quick-cooking oats, egg Multi-grain Dog Treats All-purpose flour, whole wheat four, rye four, cornmeal, cracked wheat (bulgur), dry milk, yeast, chicken stock, milk and egg.

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