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Deciding on the type of dog food you provide is one of the most important decisions you will ever make for your puppy or older dog. With all the recent publicity and concern with the dog food recall of 2008 the spotlight has been aimed fairly and squarely at the big commercial dog food companies.
Is "Premium Dog Food" the answer we've been searching for or "Natural Dog Food" or how about "Healthy Dog Food"? Choosing the best dog food can be an overwhelming decision - but why does it have to be so hard?
So when I set out to determine the best dog food available my main focus was always the health, vitality and longevity of my dogs - I want my dogs to thrive. A wholesome well balanced dog food diet promotes: Healthy skin and coat, strong well developed bones, bright clear eyes, firmer stools (and less of them), well defined muscle tone, quality of life and longevity, healthy teeth and gums, fewer trips to your Vet, no bad odor, fewer digestive problems, energy, vitality, fewer behavior problems and over-all health.
In my search to find the best dog food available I have narrowed our options down to three broad groups. The sad truth is that most of these commercial dog food products (regardless of what fancy name is printed on the label) are rubbish - these big companies are taking us for a ride. Some of the ingredients hiding behind the laughably inept labeling laws and fuzzy feel good marketing tactics are: Indigestible waste products, colors, dyes, toxins, pesticides, chemicals, harmful preservatives (BHA, BHT and Ethoxyquin) and antibiotics. Just imagine if you or I were able to lay all of the contents of a typical commercial dog food product out on a table in front of us.
Raw foodies argue that a raw food diet provides the enzyme rich nutrients and amino acids in a perfect unaltered state - which is easily digested. On the other hand detractors of feeding raw focus on the danger of foodborne illness through the threat of bacteria like salmonella and E.
One tip I would suggest if you are considering the raw feeding option for your dogs is to go out and visit a breeder or friend who already feeds a raw dog food diet.
With all the recent news about the dog food recall and associated concerns with commercial dog foods, the homemade dog food option has really come to the fore. Preparing your dog's meals from scratch has many benefits, including the complete control of all meals served. It does take an organized person to set up a homemade feeding plan and then prepare all of the daily meals.
Typical homemade dog meals include big meaty stews, healthy soups, pies, vegetables and maybe some raw bones every now and then. For hundreds of well thought out and nutritionally balanced dog food recipes check out this resource - Dog Food Secrets.
For further research into the best dog food to feed your dog I recommend this ebook - dog food secrets.
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After entering in your email, you’ll become a free member of the APN community and will receive ebooks, event listings and webinars in our weekly newsletter. Easy Raw Dog Food – Homemade Dog Food - Raw dog food is easily digested and very nutritious for your dog.
Easy Cooked Dog Food Recipe - Homemade Dog Food - Dog food recipe that is designed to be simple to make and healthy for your dog.
Homemade Dog Food Facts, Recipes, And Information - These easy homemade dog food recipes will have your pet looking and feeling better, and living longer.
Homemade Cooked Dog Food - Ottawa Valley Dog Whisperer - The only reason the commercial pet food industry has established a sales niche for puppy food, v.s adult dog food, vs senior dog food is because the adult .
10 Healthy Homemade Dog Food Recipes And Organic Treats - Looking to keep your dog healthy and save money by making your own organic dog food? Homemade Dog Food Recipes - Organic Pet Digest - Homemade dog food recipes broken down by category along with general feeding guidelines.. The Best Dog Food For Your Dog: Healthy Feeding For Dogs - My dog feeding page may surprise you!
This is Max's favorite meal and I'm sure if he could make it himself, he would!We hope you enjoy it.
You can use ketchup or a small tin of tomatoes or passata instead of fresh tomatoes and if you have leftover chicken, pork, or any lean meat, you could substitute it for the beef. Instructions:Place the chicken in a large pan and gently 'sweat' it until chicken fat is released.
Be Careful Not To Overfeed Your Dog!Our homemade dog food recipes don't come with a recommended portion size because it very much depends on your dog's lifestyle and age.So please take care, it's very easy to overfeed your dog when you don't have recommended guidelines.
What's your favourite dog food recipe?If you, or your dog, have a particular favourite, why not share your recipe with our visitors, we'd love to hear from you - simply follow the instructions below. Veg Stew  Hi, My cocker spaniel is two and a half months old and I give him this vegetable stew twice a day. If you enjoyed this page, please click on the 'Like' button below and tell your friends about us.

Like To Ask A Question or Leave A Comment?If you have a comment or you'd like to ask a question about what you've just read, please have your say below. The Spaniel Buzz!Sign up to our quarterly e-zine for new articles, top tips, competitions and lots more. Cocker Spaniel Puppy Grooming Jun 12, 16 12:44 PMWondering when to start grooming your Cocker Spaniel Puppy? Us dog lovers are finally becoming more aware and educated about providing wholesome, nutritionally balanced meals for our dogs. I know from personal experience it can be difficult to see through all of the conflicting views, hype, marketing tactics and secrecy surrounding the dog food industry.
I hope this article will help you to determine the very best puppy food for your dogs and make your feeding decision clearer. I've listed them here with a brief explanation and expand on all three options further down this page, including reviews and direct comparisons.
Commercial Dog Food: This includes the packaged foods you find at your local supermarket, pet store or veterinarian. Commercial dog food is so convenient and reasonably priced - but what are the long term implications of feeding it to our dogs, and is it really value for money? It's bad enough that they are happy to deceive us and rip us off blind, but the thing that really gets to me is that they appear to have no regard whatsoever for the health or wellbeing of our dogs.
Most of these products are woefully deficient in key nutrients and are chock full of toxic rubbish and fillers (like grain) that provide no nutritional benefit to our dogs. It doesn't stop there, then you've got a wide range of dead, diseased, disabled or dying animals prior to their visit to the slaughter house added to the mix.
I've got no doubt we would be at first surprised, then disgusted and angry - have you ever tried to read the label on a can of dog food?
Some have even realised that we are capable of looking beyond the hype and doing some research of our own - some may even care about our dogs.
This category includes the raw food you source and prepare yourself or the pre-made and packaged products like Dr.
The common thread with raw food enthusiasts is that they believe feeding raw is the most natural way to feed a dog. The same applies with fruit and vegetables - some people say that vegetable matter is a natural part of a wild dogs diet, gathered from the stomach of their prey. They believe that the raw dog food diet leads to fewer visits to the Vet, strengthened immune systems and less allergy and disease. Have a chat with them and take a really good look at their dogs - the health of our dogs is always what matters most. You know exactly what goes into every meal (and where it was sourced) and you also know that it has been prepared in a clean environment.
The homemade dog food option also comes with the added responsibility of formulating nutritionally balanced meals (proteins, vitamins etc.) and meeting the calorie requirements for your individual dog.
You'll also learn how to calculate the calorie requirements of your dog and discover all of the foods you must avoid feeding. This package includes which foods you must avoid, the commercial dog foods that are high quality, dog food reviews, dog food comparisons, your dogs nutritional requirements, a calorie chart, the best brand of dog food and loads of tasty dog food recipes. If the food is frozen, it's best to allow it to defrost overnight in the fridge.Try this one for yourself and you'll see why it's one of our visitor's favorite homemade dog food recipes!Share one of more of your favorite homemade dog food recipes here.
If you prefer, you can divide this mixture into single portions and put them in the freezer.
Add the vegetables and rice, mix thoroughly, and cook until the vegetables are tender and the rice is cooked.Remove from the heat and allow to cool before refrigerating.
Max is almost 8 years old and he gets at least 1 hour's exercise every day (running free in the vineyards - lucky dog!) so his lifestyle isn't sedentary.When I cook his meals, I usually give him 6 or 7 tablespoons of food. Things like how puppies grow, their behavior habits, health, overall well-being and appearance are all closely connected to the nutrition we provide - it's a big responsibility. And then there's "Human Grade All Natural" - does anyone actually know what all these fancy terms mean? After years of experimenting with different dog foods and lots of research I have reached an unfortunate conclusion. It includes the raw dog food and bones you prepare yourself or pre-packaged diets like BARF and Steve's Real Food 100% natural dog food diet. Andrew Lewis has recently conducted a detailed study into the merits of commercial dog foods. Billinghurst's BARF raw food diet (evolutionary diet), Steve's Real Food for dogs and Primal Pet Foods. Raw foodies believe that this is the way dogs have successfully evolved and that eating a raw diet is the way nature intended dogs to get their nutrition. The following is an example of the real whole foods that are included in a raw dog food diet.

They also point to the over-all health and appearance of their dogs for proof that the raw diet is the right way to go. If you arm yourself with some good dog food recipes and get into a routine this process is not all that difficult to maintain. Many dogs who have previously had skin allergies or other common health complaints have thrived when switched over to a good homemade dog food diet. To be honest if I had the time (was more organized) I would prepare all of my dog's meals from scratch, plus add lots of raw meaty bones to their diet. Not only is it a healthy organic alternative to shop-bought dog food, it can work out cheaper. Simply defrost a portion overnight for the next day.Not only is this recipe healthy and nutritious, I'm sure your dog will agree it's tasty too!Why not share a couple of your favorite homemade dog food recipes here? Each of our homemade dog food recipes above can be prepared and cooked in advance and refrigerated for up to 4 days. There shouldn't be much (if any) liquid left in the rice, if there is, remove it if you don't want a wet dish, otherwise there's no harm in leaving it in.I have deliberately left the amounts of offal and rice blank because it often depends on how much offal I can get from our local butcher and how much I'm making.
If I notice he's getting a little 'porky' I cut back on the treats (the least nutritional).
I feel that the vast majority of the big commercial dog food companies are far more focussed on extracting the money from our pockets rather than the health and wellbeing of our precious dogs. All the big names that we know so well are represented in this group, such as Diamond dog food, Pedigree, Iams and Science Diet.
Basically all of the rubbish that other industries can't or won't use can end up in your dog's dinner bowl. He has now identified 9 brands of commercial dog food that passed his strict criteria and are safe to feed to our dogs. These ingredients are usually organic or all-natural produce: Chicken, lamb, pork, salmon, turkey, kangaroo, rabbit, quail and organ meat. But for the moment I feed my puppies Wellness (they love it) and Canidae to my older dogs . Alternatively, they can be packed in foil containers and frozen in single portions and defrosted when needed.Share one of more of your favorite homemade dog food recipes here.
Alternatively, you can add an extra potato and mash into the dish to thicken up the gravy.Share one of more of your favorite homemade dog food recipes here.
Select it and click on the button to choose it.Then click on the link if you want to upload up to 3 more images. To top it all off any nutrition that is present in this toxic cocktail is then ruined by the cooking processes used. I can't divulge his findings here for copyright reasons (which is fair enough considering that Andrew put in all the time, resources and money to discover the truth). A raw dog food diet is sometimes referred to as an "all natural" diet as ingredients are generally free from chemicals, preservatives, additives, by-products and fillers (like worthless grains). Another benefit of feeding raw is healthy teeth and gums and well developed jaws, neck and shoulder muscles (from all the chewing). I tend to use a ratio of 6 parts offal and 4 parts rice.Share your favorite homemade dog food recipes here.
You know your own dog best, but if you're in any doubt about your pet's nutritional needs, have a chat with your vet who will be able to advice you accordingly.
What I can tell you is that I feed two brands of commercial dog food to my dogs - I still do even after reading Andrew's special report;). Plus you'll find nutritious ingredients such as eggs, kelp, yogurt, flax seed meal and other supplements.
This food is more expensive than most but the health benefits far outweight the added cost. Compare this list to what you read on a commercial dog food label - there's simply no comparison.
Plus you'll find that you feed less when your dog food is of a high quality and visits to your vet will be greatly reduced. Maybe we have to prepare all of our dog's meals from scratch to ensure its quality and nutritional value?
You can access Andrew's special report here - Dog Food Secrets - Confidential Dog Food Report (Gold Package).

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