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Part Two of Three: After recovery from surgery, I put Soc on a homemade diet of chicken and rice.
Commercial and homemade diets using novel protein and carbohydrates sources have become very common.
Consumer fear of grain gluten has moved many food companies to use potato and sweet potato products as novel carbohydrates. Actually allergies caused by food represent a small percentage of animals afflicted with allergies. Establishing environmental or food allergies by specific tests (skin tests, blood test or dietary trials) is important before changing diet. Hypoallergenic diets tend to be more expensive, especially those using very exotic proteins, than diets using more common proteins (chicken and beef) and carbohydrates (corn, barley, wheat). Diagnosing allergies becomes more difficult because it requires feeding a protein to which the patient has no previous exposure. Follow Blog via Email Click to follow this blog and receive notificaiton of new posts by email. Border Collie Border Collies are considered the most intelligent dogs (according to Stanley Coren's The Intelligence of Dogs ).

This trend is due to the popular belief that most allergies are due to specific protein ingredients in the diet.
Environmental proteins in pollen, fungus, parasites, dander and dust account for most allergic reactions in dogs.
Celiac disease is actually rare in dogs and food sensitivity is probably due to a reaction to something other than grain or gluten in the diet. Such an increase in food costs for a dog that does not have food allergies is completely unnecessary. As more animals are exposed to wider varieties of protein finding a novel protein will become more and more difficult for veterinarians and dog owners.
I had previously used my old standby, cottage cheese and rice, without success because it turned out that he was lactose intolerant. More importantly, as the use of novel protein increases more dogs are exposed to them and they become less novel. His red brindle color fools strangers into believing he is a miniature boxer rather than a Boston Bull Terrier. It may require including animal species that spark a negative public response if they are used as a food source.

Each eye looks to its own side of his head so you can’t look him in both eyes at the same time.
Chicken and vegetable meals are also acceptable, with many variations combining corn, vegetables and various meat-based table scraps often applied as homemade dog food items.At most, dog owners could set a weekend or a day off to prepare homemade dog food items, then store them in sealable containers. I am sure if he could write “dog” it would come out “god” suggesting he is dyslexic and not mentally impaired. He must have spent his former life as a Hoover vacuum cleaner because he sucks every small object into his mouth and down his throat. Macadamia Nuts and Milk-based products should also be checked, since a number of dogs don’t really respond well with them. As taking care of your do is a lifelong responsibility, it’ll surely pay off, especially in the area of cost for dog food.

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