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Polenta is a cornmeal boiled into a porridge, and eaten directly or baked, fried or grilled. Remember your dog is primarily a carnivore and this means his digestive system is designed to digest meat, bones and animal fat.
Hardboiled Eggs ( Eggs are very nutrias for dogs and contain highly digestible fats and protein. I read somewhere that when feeding your dog bones, they must be from a freshly killed animal. We try a food for more than 8 weeks and are at our wits end even though we have worked on very limited diets with novel protein sources but it seems the Easy Raw Food Diet will be the best.
I have also ordered the two supplements you recommend along with beef pancreas supplement and colostrum (from post-parvo literature). I know you don’t suggest feeding dogs vegetables because it is virtually pointless for their digestion needs, but could you supplement or a type of bean for a portion of the meat or just add bean to the recipe as a healthy filler to stretch it further?
I have been feeding my dogs pedigree canned food in the morning and the checkerboard stuff in open bins through the day, I spoke with an animal nutritionist in the feed store yesterday and he tells me the canned stuff, even though it has chunks and gravy is horrible for my dogs and the checkerboard stuff is even worse. I would like to create food for my dogs and keep them healthy but since there are five of them (boxers) it’s a little overwhelming considering the size of batches i would have to make in order to not cook it every day. I have read I can add more eggs in lieu of the rice, I would prefer to eliminate the rice in the easy raw recipe. I am just starting the easy raw diet, so I would assume I can just add the chicken weight in place of the some of the ground beef weight? The easy recipes are good introductory recipes to help ease people into feeding their dogs better.
The first time we went to the vet she said that she found a bacterial infection, but did not know the cause.
Remember your dog is primarily a carnivore so don’t build the foundation of his dog food around carbohydrates and vegetables. Hotdogs (These are highly processed and full of fillers and chemicals that are not good for your dog.
When feeding vegetables to dogs keep in mind dogs are not designed to digest raw vegetables. Stay away from high sugar content vegetables like carrots these tend to encourage yeast overgrowth in dogs.
Bread is basically carbohydrates and many dogs have issues with consuming high levels of carbohydrates, often leading to yeast infections.
My dog Sassy was recently diagnosed with diabetis and was told by vet to give brown rice not white?
I’m assuming your vet is trying to regulate your dogs blood sugar with the brown rice over white.
Hi- I have been making my own dog food for over 40 years, much of it is the same as your recipes, but much is different and some I cannot agree with at all. I started feeding my 4 month old Weimaraner raw meats and bones, he is eating 3 times a day 1lb each feeding. My husband and I have a ten month old longhaired dachsund and we’ve been feeding her one scrambled egg each morning and night. You say that that you are an incurable animal lover that has spent his life studying animals. It is important to point out that veterinarians are not trained in nutrition in vet school.
On a completely different note, I’ve personally experienced difficulty supplying adequate nutrition to herbivores and frugivores by feeding fruits and vegetables. Iguanas and parrots are notorious for developing nutritional deficiency diseases even when fed fruits and vegetable.
I just found your website and have found your breadth and depth of knowledge and experience about dog nutrition to be very impressive and extremely helpful and truly interesting. The reason being, when I go on vacation and take the dogs I prefer not to worry about raw food.
My experience is that dogs will experience digestive upset whenever you combine a homemade dog food and a kibble. Another question, can you change up the type of meat in your recipes without stomach upset?
I was devastated when my shetland sheepdog of nine years was diagnosed with kidney failure last year. Super easy homemade dog treats - dog treat kitchen, Easy homemade dog treats are what every busy dog parent wants.
Homemade dog treats, If there is one thing that we can all agree on, it’s that the best dog treats are homemade dog treats! Dog treat recipes - easy recipes homemade dog treats, Free easy homemade dog food dog treat recipes.
Homemade pet food - allrecipes dish, Make your own nutritious, homemade pet food from ingredients before making serious changes to your animal’s diet.
10 healthy homemade dog food recipes and organic treats, Looking to keep your dog healthy and save money by making your own organic dog food? Polenta is a great staple to have in your cupboard, it’s a wonderful alternative to rice.

However it’s not necessary to make them into balls, in fact my peep left some on the side to freeze, and just scoops out my dinner from the container.
The term is of Italian origin, derived from the Latin for hulled and crushed grain.Polenta is naturally gluten free. The conventional wisdom states that cooked bones are brittle and can splinter and raw bones don’t.
My dog has this problem ever since he got parvo and I was hoping the raw diet would be very good for him (and yes he was vaccinated but apparently got a different strain, poor guy) — He vomits completely undigested food every other day. I know beans are high in protein, but was not sure how they reacted with a dog’s digestive system.
I am a cattle rancher in my spare time and have plenty of frozen cuts of meat in a large freezer that I will never use. She is a Yellow Lab with yeast issues and all the comercial foods with limited ingredients still havent helped. You say to feel dogs raw meat and bones, but a lady thanked you for telling her not to feel raw meat. However, many folks can’t rap their minds around feeding their dog raw meat and bones. The second time he got sick was the day after he got off of the antibiotics the vet gave him, and we just switched their kibble from Pedigree adult formula to the puppy formula thinking it would help with his digestion. Heres a list of some of the additives in an average hotdog “sodium lactate, corn syrup, dextrose, sodium phosphates, sodium diacetate, sodium ascorbate, sodium nitrite”, yum! Any vegetables that a dog eats must be finely ground and also cooked or fermented to simulate the digestion process of a herbivore. I feed him bread and pasta sometimes and he seems to reflect positively upon bread when he is sick. I have been feeding the RAW prey model diet for just over 3 months and they are looking and feeling great! When I feed raw chicken and bones I take some of the fat and put it in with the white rice as I cook it.
Sometimes when a dog refuses to eat or drink he has a stomach or intestinal blockage but he could also have any number of illnesses. We put a little kibble out for her to graze on during the day, but only because we’re concerned that the eggs are not enough. I want the best food for her but my schedule can be very busy so I’m not sure if i will have the time to prepare homemade food for her. I came up with a trick and I sprinkled just a tiny bit of parmesean cheese into some tepid water. Our 6 year old (at the time) Chichuahua got very very sick for some bacteria in the pig ear. I would feed 30 pounds of raw chicken leg thigh quarters per day plus two large pots of cooked white rice. Polenta is a ground corn and it is simple to cook and as a dog I can tell you I love it, it reminds me of time we spend in Tuscany.
Another great idea for this recipe is to make the balls into bite size pieces and give them as a little treat. To make absolutely sure, insert a knife in the thickest part of the chicken and check that it is white and opaque and not pink. I must applaud your patience since everything that was asked was covered in your site somewhere. I think if your dog has been on a raw meat and bones diet for a long time cooked bones would not present a problem.
I started her on a Sojos, a freeze dried raw food mix with raw turkey, I have also been giving her the brand Enzymes, microbial and digestive enzymes and supplements. The meat I have has never seen feed lots, hormones or steroids and is higher in omega 3’s since it is all natural.
Another dog I know, a dalmation, is on it.I have two old dogs, mixed breed, medium size, that are 15 and 17 years of age. Occasionally you get a dog who doesn’t want to do much chewing and pretty much inhales it. Many dogs new to homemade dog food have been eating kibble which can be 90% carbohydrates and fillers.
I have two German Shepherds, Lilly who is 6 years old and a new addition to our family, Rambo who is just over a year. The supplement also has direct fed microbials that can help support your dog’s digestive system. If not they pretty much just pass through your dog’s digestive track as bulk and fiber. She currently eats home made food and I would like to try your raw food recipe, but she can’t eat bones or eggshells. Twenty years in commercial animal feed production industry developing pet feeds and supplements.
Basically they are a blend of nutrient dense ingredients to provide the omega fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and direct fed microbials a dog needs to thrive. This, I believe, is because the commercial variety of produce lacks the nutrient density of their wild counterpart.

Home dog foods have a high moisture content so after eating they shrink in your dogs stomach. Although, I do understand pet owners not understanding why after all these years we have ignorantly just bought the ‘best dry kibble’, I mean they are just dogs, right? This is just from my personal observation of my own dogs who eat absolutely anything without incident.
The omega 3’s in fish oil help with the inflammation associated with yeast infections in dogs. I started making home food 2 months ago after a nasty diarrhea bug went though 4 dogs…not fun!
Dogs by design don’t have a problem with bacteria due to the strong acids in their stomach. Ive only done it on that occasion but if I feel they aren’t drinking enough in the future is this a bad idea? If you are going to do pig ears I would suggest getting them from a butcher and cooking them yourself.
There is only so much of the enzyme in the egg white and it can only block a finite amount of Biotin.
I’ve also found it beneficial to bath the yeast infected dog in an essential oil shampoo. However, when I tried to introduce him back to his kibble (Canidae), he started throwing up again (did it slowly as instructed). If you are not feeding raw meat and bones make that the focus before concentrating on vegetables.
I maintained hundreds of iguanas and developed the formula through a careful testing and formulation process. So if you are opposed to using the supplements you will need to include nutrient rich sources of vitamin groups, minerals, fatty acids, enzymes and beneficial bacteria.
So, wake up people, if your 4 legged baby means as much to you as mine does to me then feed RAW. My vet of 12 years is great, but not a big advocate of raw food diets, I don’t want to go back to dry kibble, which would perhaps help her gain weight. I decided to continue with the Chicken and brown rice and the vomiting stopped all together. Reading your site it appears the raw diet along with the recommended supplements would be worth a try. My dogs crave some vegetation, as the eat selected desert plants and love mesquite beans, actually standing on hind legs to pull them off the trees! Maybe a teaspoonful at the most in about 6 cups of water which was then divided between my 2 boxers. I have introduced carrots and potatoes to the mixture but I am afraid he might be missing some other nutrients. She needs to gain weight, I’m hoping the Dinovite and Lickochops will increase her weight.
I went on to develop a full line of reptile feeds and supplements with many great successes. I plan on posting other recipes that can be cheaper but require a little more work and up front investment. At the suggestion of an old ‘ornery’ vet some 40 years ago, when I was a breeder, I have added garlic to my dogs food always, and have never had a worm, a flea or a tick, invade their bodies!
Maintaining and breeding many different reptile species throughout the formulation process. And just because we began to bring our doggies inside, take them to school and carry them with us everywhere we go in cute little clothes or bags; does Not mean that we changed their physical digestive system.
Although I had had no ill effects using the raw veggies, I am going to try emulsifying them as you suggest, but not cooking, which destroys the nutrients. These are the very same dog food distributor who is so very good at marketing that they have the Vet( yes even mine) pushing their brand, for a cut of course. I also find that buying large pork and beef roasts, as well as boneless turkey and chicken breasts, and grinding it at home, saves a lot of money! I even fell for it, until my poor baby was worse than ever after only two weeks on the Vet approved crap that cost me 2x the amount I have ever paid for her RAW. Using my diets my dogs have not needed to see a vet in years, (unless one of them gets bitten between the eyes by a rattler!! I am guilty of using hot dogs as treats, but I agree with your summation of the content, as I won’t eat them myself! On the other hand this website is backed by a specialist and includes every thing all in one site. So, thank you so much for not only consolidating everything into one easy, simple to follow recipes and instructions. I will continue to follow these recipes and purchase the suggested supplements cuz I have complete faith that they are what is healthiest for my baby girl.

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