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This meatloaf is as pungent and zesty as a meatball, but baked in that iconic, sliceable loaf form.
Paste a link to a recipe, or download our browser tools to make it easier to save recipes from other websites. Meatloaf, in some form or another, has been around since long before the advent of meat grinders.
Some top the loaf with ketchup or tomato sauce, while others top it with bacon.There is no one true recipe for meatloaf, as you will see below. I’ve made this for several people who hate meatloaf and I have to say this meatloaf changed their minds, just like it did mine. I am not fan of meatloaf (don’t eat onions) but this still looks delicious and I really want that gravy recipe!

I LOVE meatloaf…especially my meatloaf…but this one looks really good, too, so I might just have to give it a try! A combination of chilies and sage add a spicy, earthy note, and a glaze of tomato paste and olive oil elevates a traditional dish away from its ketchup roots.
After meatloaf has finished baking, brush top with glaze; sprinkle with pine nuts, if using. In the 1900s, meatloaf was not only a quick dish to prepare but also one that could easily be stretched with fillers. Most do include the addition of bread crumbs and egg as a binder to hold it together.Reducing the Fat in MeatloafThere are loaf pans on the market designed specifically for meatloaf which cooks the loaf on a rack nestled inside a pan so the fat drips off. Of course, this varies from household to household.Some cooks make it with ground beef, chopped onions, bread crumbs, an egg to bind it, and various spices.

In a saucepan over medium heat, combine the rest of the tomato soup, water and some of the drippings from the meatloaf. Spray a sheet of foil large enough to cover the pan with nonstick oil spray, then cover the pan tightly with the sprayed side down to prevent sticking.
This latter method is so popular that many grocery stores sell meatloaf mixes consisting of one-third each of beef, pork, and veal all in the same package.
Bake in the preheated oven for 35 minutes, then remove the foil and continue baking for another 35 minutes or until the potatoes are nicely browned and fork-tender.

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