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One of the best options when you found a recipe online that has a ‘bad’ ingredient in it is to look for a food substitutions, especially when there’s only one ingredient that is not allowed in the whole recipe.
To completely help you fill your grocery list with healthy ingredients right for your recipe and budget at the same time, below is the table of food substitutions we prepared for you.
When it comes to the best ways to use fresh fall apples, apple cider ranks as one of everyone’s favorite.
Baked chicken is the dinner of choice for many people in the United States, providing a tasty protein source that is lower in fat and calories than many other varieties of meat.
This easy plus healthy recipe is a must try recipe especially if you’re in phase 1 of the fast metabolism diet.
Carve a watermelon with a funny face and add chopping phase 1 fruits like strawberry, apple, pineapple. The Fast Metabolism Diet Community is loving this Dairy-Free Raspberry Mango Mint Smoothie, an instant heat-wave revival. A not too sweet, not too complicated, and topped with a dash of salt and lime, a phase 1 smoothie you would surely love. Return the raspberry puree to the blender and add the mango, a little over half of the mint leaves, lime juice, sea salt, and ice cubes. Sweeter than departing from a do not exit door, this blend of strawberries and mango will turn your metabolism into a triathlon competitor. If you have a high-powered blender like a Vitamix or Blendtec, green smoothies are not a problem.
If you are in a hurry to quench that thirst with a healthy, refreshing juice, why not go order online?! All staff will be made aware of these and do their utmost to ensure that your child does not ingest those things which they are not allowed to or cannot eat.

And when you find a forbidden ingredient in a recipe, your best response is to look for a way to replace it with an acceptable one.
By following the formula here, you’ll be able to successfully create the recipes you’ve been eying to do all these years but just cannot because of the said forbidden ingredients. You might thought that every food alternatives are good but in reality, there are some alternatives that are just disguising as healthy one without knowing that it may actually increase sodium ansugar deposits in other areas of your body. So here’s a recipe, an Easy, Healthy Baked Chicken Breasts – Phase 1 of the fast metabolism diet. This smoothie is best when made with a fresh raspberries, mango, and mint, but it’s also great with frozen raspberries, frozen mangos, and mint simple syrup blended with water and ice. The sweet mango in this drink will unclog pores leaving you with refreshed, beautiful skin. Cheers to this healthy, delicious smoothie that works in Any phase of the Fast Metabolism Diet!
The mix of romaine, kale and spinach all contain a great amount of chlorophyll which helps bring more oxygen to the body, hello cell rejuvenation!
A closer look shows: 2 Calories from Fat, 9 Calories from Protein, and 112 Calories from Carbohydrate. Now you can try replacing them with healthier ones, specially the sweetener and flavorings.
To avoid this, you need to be extra careful in improvising your recipe and in every ingredient you include to your meal plan. Then slice up the other half and throw it in the pot, skin and all (which is why it’s so important to use an organic orange). We see them everywhere so why not make some fun with this fruit and incorporate it to our diet?

A perfect fruit snack for Halloween parties, spook-tacular fruit trays, or a fun October after-school nibble!
If desired, add optional sweetener and remaining mint leaves to taste, blending after each addition. Mixed with the delicious taste of vitamin C packed strawberries your stress levels are guaranteed to go down leaving you with a sweet ending. The celery is a natural diuretic which is great for weight loss and the apple provides all that great fiber to keep you full.
If you're keeping track, a good calorie counter can make this easy -- see the software below. I thought of making this recipe to share with readers who want to taste a new smoothie on Phase 1. It will keep you full for hours, making it the perfect breakfast for you and your kids as well. Net Carbs are calculated by subtracting Fiber and Sugar Alcohols (if known) from the total Carbohydrate amount. If the children have cooked during the day then they may get the opportunity to take their goodies home to try!
Kids will absolutely love this Pumpkin-Apple Smoothie, and you can blend it up in less than 5 minutes.
Making your own smoothies can help prevent fruits from going to waste, while providing benefits that will keep you on the right track towards good health.

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