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View our Upcoming Breeding page for more information.Thank you for taking the time to view our family of American Bulldogs. We strive to produce and raise quality American Bulldogs for the need of companionship, show or working dogs. Our puppies that have been adopted out have been trained by individuals to pull wheel chairs, work with the blind and also used to mend broken hearts due to a death of a family member.
This is what touches my heart and encourages me to keep producing this strong intelligent and loveable breed for people.A A  A We do have an adpotion process that people will go through in order to get a puppy from us. Puppies are not free, there is a cost for them but all money is placed right back into them as far as food, kennel upkeep, building supplies and other supplies, vet care and just the all around maintenance needed to keep producing healthy dogs and puppies.
The care and wellbeing of our grown dogs is what produces healthy puppies for you!A We do not want to over populate the breed and we do not adopt our puppies out with breeding rights unless we have proof you are a responsible breeder in it for the love of the breed and not to make money off a dog. The wellbeing of my puppies do come first and I do have the right to deny an adoption at anytime durning the process if I feel the puppy will not have the right kind of life or environment to live in.A My bulldogs are very much a part of my family as pictures throughout the site will show you, and they bring great joy to my life and this is what I want other people to experience with the bulldog breed.

You will not have to worrie about a pup coming from me and not being kid friendly!A My bulldogs are bred for temperamnet, conformation and athleticness.
Mine are lean but healthy, weight range is females (70-90 pounds) and males (90-100 pounds). We strive to produce healthy, happy, family orientated (as you good see in our pics throughout our website) puppies that will bring a life time of love to your family.
We do not try to be the best out there or have the biggest dogs with the best champion bloodline out there. Our focus is on producing quality family American Bulldogs that do have the potential of being show dogs if you choose for them to be. From day one my puppies are handled by my kids and as they get older and move around more, more activity takes place to make sure the puppies are good with children first and for most.A  A $200 deposit is required to hold pick of litter spot or a puppy. We do offer shipping at an extra cost of $375-$450 and this amount is to be paid by the time the puppy is 7 weeks of age.

We would love for you to come visit us to meet our bulldog family and your new puppy and to see their environment. We understand some live to far to do that so we can offer FaceTime with you and take you on a tour of our place that way.
Ground shipping is available so you can meet with someone to get your puppy if perfered.A We do not breed for money but for the love of the breed!
Just because our dogs are outside dogs (because I do have 8 kids of my own) we spend a lot of time with them and do consider them our family pets.

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