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Compare Healthy Life Breads to other breads and you’ll know why Healthy Life Bread is the Answer!
It is possible to stick to healthy eating when attending or hosting your Memorial Day parties.A  Here are a few of my ideas. Subscribe now, never miss another recipe, AND receive a FREE copy of my Holiday Baking e-book. I know most people think that eating healthy or organic is more expensive, but you really can do it on a budget.A  Here are some tips I have learned along the way. This is just a small list of things you can do.A  I plan on updating it as more things come to mind.A  If you read this, feel free to add your own!
Just be sure to check the 365 brand (or any other inexpensive brand) to see if it’s a product of China. Thanks for all you tips, I’m just starting out and was feeling a bit overwhelmed of how and what to buy. This fruit salad only takes a few minutes to make, so what are you waiting for?  Perfect for Memorial Day cookouts. I don’t see much excitement about fruit salad here (shocking, eh?!) but I personally will take fruit over dessert any time.

I used rice flour and oat flour and homemade chocolate chips (made with maple syrup) then baked in a mini muffin pan. Hi, the recipe notes to grease the pans (plural), but I didn’t read how many this recipe makes. A lot of places (sainsburys, co op, aldi etc) do bags of mixed frozen vegetables which can last longer if you want to plan meals more in advance!
Cynthia spent 15 years as a marketing executive in Atlanta before moving to Savannah, Georgia. If you choose to purchase through these links, you do not pay more but I may receive a small commission.
This recipe was supposed to be called Apple Donuts, but I realized I was short on applesauce so I had to improvise by adding banana. I’m on an elimination diet and can only have a number of foods, so I was excited to see that those in the recipe were on my list!
Much commercial chicken is now being processed in China and last year a Chinese group bought Smithfield Pork in VA. Some (sainsburys) also do bags of just one vegetable, which can be good if you want less sweetcorn or want something less common in these bags like spinach.

She is married to an aerospace engineer who likes to man the grill and has 3 children, a teenager and two toddlers.
I make a big batch of these so I have some to freeze, some to snack on and some for my father-in-law who loves to taste test these recipes.
We no longer eat out because you have no way to know where your food comes from or what is actually in it. And they are healthy enough that I don’t even mind if my family sneaks one for breakfast!
Spoon batter onto greased donut pans and bake for 10-12 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean.

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