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5-Ingredient Tzatziki Dip: Serve this dip chilled with your favorite veggies for an after-school snack.
5-Layer Greek Dip: Hummus is high in protein and iron, helping to satisfy your hunger longer.
Apple Pear Gondolas: These protein and produce-packed “gondolas” are another fun option for kids. Apple Pistachio Boats: Tart apples combine with sweet raisins and crunchy pistachios to create a fun-to-make snack. Caramel Maple Yogurt Dip: This smooth and sweet dip is a great way to enjoy fruit while also sneaking in healthy protein, calcium and probiotics. Cheesy Potato Bites: These potato bites are perfect for snack time and packed with protein to keep kids satisfied until dinner.

Orange Coconut Dream: Enjoy a fresh, tropical taste with this simple, protein-packed snack. After school especially in the evening time our kids need healthy snacks; in most of the cases we used to go for snacks from outside which is really unhealthy and unhygienic. Bangkok Coconut Curry Noodle Bowls - a 30-minute healthy, easy recipe loaded with coconut curry flavor. Instead of heading for a prepackaged snack, try some of these healthy, produce-packed recipes with just 5 ingredients or less. Apples are a great source of antioxidants and pistachios are packed with protein, making this a healthy and satisfying snack. Just throw everything into the blender and you're just a few minutes away from a delicious and nutritious treat.

These make ahead fruit roll-ups are a healthy spin on the store bought fruit roll-ups and a great grab and go option for parents.
Pledge to pack healthier lunchboxes and get healthy, kid-friendly lunchbox ideas and tips, and download coupons from our partners!
They’re more balanced with protein, fiber and vitamins to keep even the hungriest kids satisfied until dinner. I am sure every mother is following the list present here in order to prepare good evening snacks.

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