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To get your kids to eat healthy food, just you have to be a little bit creative, sneaky and very patient. Fill the refrigerator with a variety of fresh fruits and veggies and meat free of nitrites and nitrates in place of stocking with sugary and processed foods. If you serve the same dishes everyday, then this may be the one reason that your kid is not eating healthy. Recent study has shown that food tastes of kids are considerably associated to foods that their mothers liked and disliked. If you spend some time for your kids to get them to eat healthy foods, then you will save them from a lifetime of difficulty. Children like the inevitability of family meals, and parents also have an opportunity to reconnect with their children. Take your family to a local farmer's market (or to the farm itself) and meet the people who grow the food rather than limiting yourself to the weekly supermarket run.
Create snack packs made from cut up fruits and vegetables in place of purchasing pre-packaged chips or candy.

A colorful snack includes a fruit salad which is filled with strawberries, grapes, and bananas or a tortilla stuffed with veggies and cheese. Let your child see you order a fresh salad rather a burger and fries at the drive-it may encourage child to do the same. This clip art picture shows a plate containing carrots, olives, strawberries, an apple, a pear and a piece of watermelon.
Once the habit for healthy eating develops, it remains for the rest of their lives so establish strong and positive habits. In addition, kids who are on a healthy diet have more energy, more focus and more even-tempered.
A family meal is the time during which kids really get to watch their parent's eating habits.
Picking berries from a vine can help to cultivate a lifelong love of good eating and environmental stewardship. Also, maintain fruit in a bowl where it is simple to see and easily reachable for children.

To introduce new fruits, smoothies and mixed fruit drinks like watermelon slush and mango lassi can be a fun way.
Improving the healthy eating habits puts the pressure on you to eat a well-balanced and well-proportioned meal, and eat with good manners; it pays off with a lifetime of early-developed good habits in your kids. You can also visit a dairy farm to teach children where their milk comes from (and why we should care about what goes in it). Also, you can involve your children in planning meals, going grocery shopping, and preparing food.

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