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We talk about this a lot during #PSPfit bootcamp, so I know the healthy airport struggle is real.
This might sound silly, but you can get squeezable pouches of organic applesauce or fruit and vegetables. Hi CeCe, I started watching your videos on YouTube some time ago and I just subscribed to the website. I like to bring some grilled chicken or salmon, throw it over my airportĀ side salad and boom… quick and healthy airport lunch!

I drink these after I workout at the hotel, so I use them throughout my trip but in a pinch I’ve made a little shake in the airport to keep me away from the cinnabon counter. They are marketed for babies, but there are 4 oz ones for older kids that are a good serving size. Also, if you’re doing the salmon and garden salad thing, hummus can be a good salad dressing alternative. Its easy an easy snack for the plane and when I’m on my trip, a handful keeps me from getting ravenous and making unsupportive food choices.

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