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If you have children, and they are attending a party or other social event where commercial food will be served, it is also easy to make an alternative at home, like home-made chips.  Healthy snack recipes are just as easy as easy healthy meals. Commercial chips (or anything else deep-fried) available at take-away shops and restaurants are full of free radicals because they are made with cheap, nasty oil, which is continually heated.  Beautiful chips can be made at home and are a healthy alternative. Place in cold, salty water, and cook until the potato is just starting to feather on the outside when stirred. Cook the potato in small batches, stirring occasionally to avoid the chips sticking together. Our grocery list of healthy snacks will help you get the best ingredients in your kitchen so you can easily create something to munch on without planning ahead.
There are many fun and healthy snack recipes that people can make use of, to whip up some wonderful, tasty snacks for ourselves.

Snacking between meals has be a regular habit and everyone is looking for a healthy choice for snacking.Pumpkin MuffinsWhile pumpkins really are a fabulous power food (the carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin, are viewed to help protect against macular degeneration, and alpha-carotene may assisted in the prevention of tumor growth), the yogurt used during these muffins also makes them light. Yogurt comes complete with calcium, the bone-building mineral that women often don’t get enough of. The wheat germ adds vitamin E, and also the walnuts contribute heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids.Quick WrapsSpread the cream cheese equally and evenly within the tortillas and top this using the lettuce leaves. Serve hot.Carrot Mango SmoothieThis breakfast alternative begins with carrot juice, a valuable source of beta carotene, which many juicing enthusiasts believe is better absorbed on an empty stomach. Frozen mango lends the smoothie its sweetness and smooth texture while adding vitamins B6, C, and E.Cucumber SaladHave a big bowl and toss the sliced cucumbers and onion inside it.
Apples go ahead and take edge off hunger and may help people naturally eat about 15 % less at meal time.

Pistachios are a good snacking nut since the shells slow us down which help us not overeat them.
For any zesty, enticing dip, puree guacamole in to the mixture.Pasta Fruit SaladTake a big bowl and mix all of the ingredients. This homemade mixture of high-fiber ingredients offers the crunch of traditional trail mix with no excessive fat and calories.

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