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Most parents intend to feed their children healthy foods, but picky toddlers may have a different plan in mind. Kids love milkshakes, so next time they ask for the sweet treat, give them this delicious blueberry banana smoothie instead.
Many kids enjoy dried fruit, but several types are packed with added sugar to give them their sweet flavor. This easy and healthy snack is a great alternative to chips and other fatty crunchy snacks that kids love.
This tasty treat is perfect for the summer but can be adjusted based on which fruits are in season.
Ditch the store-bought granola bars that are full of preservatives and opt for this recipe for no-bake granola bars.

She writes for SheKnows, as well as several other publications that include newspapers and magazines. If you're a parent struggling to get your kids to love the dreaded fruits and vegetables, here are some go-to snacks that will satisfy even the pickiest of tastes.
Filled with frozen blueberries, strawberries and a banana, they'll get at least one or two servings of fruit as well as the nutrients and good bacteria that come from the yogurt.
This recipe for a fruit leather roll not only is a fun activity for the kids to create but also is healthy and encourages kids to explore different ingredient combination options. Try filling old egg cartons or muffin tins with healthy snacks, such as popcorn or dried fruit.
The recipe simply calls for 2 cans of garbanzo beans, oil and a few ingredients from a spice cabinet. These watermelon whole fruit Popsicles can be made by pureeing whole fruit and pouring it into molds or by adding mixtures of coconut milk and juice.

The toasted oats and cereal are held together with maple syrup, almond butter and dates, and stay fresh in a sealed container for up to one week or in the freezer for two months. Swap out pudding for this decadent chocolate avocado mousse made with avocados — that's right, avocados. Making sure your toddler gets essential nutrients can be a challenge, especially when kids associate snacks with unhealthy sugars and fats.
These snack egg cups are also perfect to keep portions in control, so if your kids enjoy some sweets like gummy bears you can keep the portion sizes reasonable and healthy.
If your kids are super picky, the spices or toppings you use can be tailored to your children's tastes.

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