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With locations in Northern New Jersey (NJ) and New York City (NY), we're only a quick phone call away. Having healthy snacks between meals prevents children from reaching out for unhealthy junk food.
A healthy snack also increases childrena€™s energy levels for a longer period of time, than sugary snacks do. Choosing healthy snacks between meals increases childrena€™s focus and performance at school as well.
Including snacks in your everyday diet is very important because sometimes your meal will not satisfy the needs of your body. If you like eating fruit you will take sweet snacks and those who are veggie lovers eat savory or salty snacks more often. Eating a healthy snack in between meals helps children keep energy levels consistent and also adds to the intake of essential nutrients.

It also helps with appetite control, as it helps children stick to a moderate amount of food for the next meal. This is because sugar causes blood sugar to spike and then crash, which leaves children feeling more hungry and tired. Children are able to understand and retain information presented in the classroom at a higher rate, when their bodies are fuelled consistently, with healthy foods. Even if you take time to eat three healthy meals a day, you may still feel hungry in any time of the day. Check to make sure none of the children has an allergy, before giving them peanuts, peanut butter, or other nuts as a snack. What you need for making a trail mix is: peanuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds, cashews, sunflower seeds and dried fruits like, apple, pineapple, apricots, raisins or cranberries. You need to have some healthy snack when you’re hungry, and having the right snack on hand makes this work for you.

Pork Skins that have 0 carbs are healthy for an Atkins participant, Nabisco 100 Cal Snack Packs for those counting calories, Fat Free Fruit Snacks for those watching Fat Grams, Cashews for those counting sugar grams.
We like products such as Keebler Low Fat Elfin Crackers, Nutri Grain Bars, Nature Valley Granola, Baked Lay's & Doritos, Nabisco 100 Cal Packs, Kars Nuts, Snackwells, Mr. Always have low-fat popcorn prepared in a paper bag in your microwave. These are filling, satisfying, have a lot of fiber and should be included in every salty snacker’s pantry. So snacks are the best way to satisfy your hunger and get all the vitamins and nutrients your body needs. An 8-ounce mug of hot chocolate contains only 140 calories and 3 grams of fat, instead of the average chocolate bar that contains 240 calories and 13 grams of fat.

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