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Eating healthy means planning ahead and nothing beats walking in at the end of a long day to the aromas of a hearty, slow-cooked dinner. Plus, the cheapest cuts of meat often make the best slow-cooker fodder, which frees up your budget for a great grass-fed steak on the weekend. Beef shanks are one of the cheapest grass-fed cuts you can get, and they’re worth every penny since the rich bone marrow in the shanks packs a serious nutrition punch. Another go-to around our house, this carnitas recipe is about as simple as dinner can get (aside from calling for pizza) but so versatile.
Kiwi & Bean gets a second mention on this list for her amazing, top-rated butter chicken recipe.
New Zealand lamb is 100% grass-fed and packed with healthy fats, plus it’s available in most grocery stores in the frozen meat section.

When dinner is prepped earlier in the day your time is freed up for play, relaxation and connecting with your family. Contributed by one of our favourite bloggers and former Belly Bootcamper Sarah Huggins of Cooking for Kiwi & Bean, this chili is scrumptious and lower-calorie than a typical beef chili. The tender pork is perfect for sandwiches, lettuce wraps, or just a hearty bowl of brown rice and veggies.
Sweet potato layers with a delicious spiced meat filling, topped with savoury tomato sauce. This recipe is sweet and savoury, and an awesome way to impress your health-conscious friends at your next dinner party.
With just milk + chicken broth (and a little olive oil for sauteing), this chunky chowder is light on calories but so, so comforting.

If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic.Powered by WP Greet Box WordPress PluginWith clinicals looming and the thought of late nights ahead I am starting to think about how we are going to eat healthy through some of the rough weeks.
Plus, inexpensive drumsticks allow you to splurge on pastured or organic chicken for the same price as more expensive cuts.

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