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Cauliflower can often be disguised as potatoes, so check out this Cauliflower Sweet Potato Mash. This salad has an interesting combination of flavours and is low calorie, yet satisfying and filling! There you have it, two tasty summer salads, both under 500 calories a serving and costing less than ?5 each!
I certainly think it’s easy to eat healthily in the warmer weather and still stick to a budget.
Eat lots of seasonal fruit and vegetables – the summer months are full of abundant in season fresh produce, which tend to be fairly cheap and on offer, so make the most of them! Adding a few berries to salads can also be a great way to make them more interesting flavour wise. Speaking of chickpeas, try out meals using beans and lentils – they make wonderful additions to salads and can be eaten chilled so no cooking needed! I think the picture at the top with the two salads together looks so yummy that I will have to make them both then try then together!
I think pulses are a great way to add to meals while keeping them inexpensive- I tend to buy tins (although I do use dried lentils) but to make it even cheaper dry beans just take a bit of time to prep.

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Wrap up into a package and bake in the oven at 200c for 20 – 30 minutes until cooked through. Strawberries, melon and lots of other fruit can be washed, chopped and frozen to be used in smoothies and even defrosted for using in fruit crumbles in the cooler months. They are also cheap and low calorie, so perfect if you are watching your wallet as well as your waist line. All are packed with nutrients, cheaper than their fresh counter parts and can be easily incorporated into salads and other cold dishes.
As long as I don’t have too much of them my digestion is ok with beans as well, and even better when I cook them from scratch myself!
You can still get dried lentils and cook them from scratch which is even cheaper, but is a little more time consuming! You’ll get a bit of exercise, save on petrol money and have a nice vitamin D boost at the same time.

Cook the quinoa according to package instructions and measure out the soya beans then leave them to thaw. Thinking about carrying those heavy shopping bags home, can also make you really consider what it is you actually need, so you spend less on impulse purchases. To make the peanut lime dressing, simply combine the peanut butter, tamari and the juice from the lime in a small bowl. In a bowl crumble the feta and add the juice from the lemon and the finely chopped mint and chilli (leave the seeds in if you like it hot). Take a vegetable peeler and make ‘ribbon’s’ from the courgette by slicing off strips. Once the peppers have cooled, combine with the lentils and feta and divide equally between two plates.

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