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I used to buy microwave popcorn but since the toxicity fears linked to the chemicals used in the butter flavorings I’ve cut it out completely and switched to making my own from scratch using a cast iron pot. Popcorn is high in fiber, low in calories and fat, contains no sodium, and is sugar free, making it a nearly perfect snack. The only problem I’ve found with popcorn is that my black lab Betty loves it more than I do.
Popcorn is actually pretty good plain once you’ve adjusted yourself off the microwave variety.

As soon as I make some she follows me everywhere hoping for a taste or maybe I will drop some while stuffing my face. I mostly eat it in the evenings and I find that it really helps keep me from snacking before I go to bed. It’s important to keep the salt to a minimum or else you negate a lot of the benefits. A small bowl of popcorn a couple hours before bedtime goes a long way in curbing my late-night refrigerator raids.

Instead of salt try some parmesan cheese or maybe add some peanuts and dried fruit to the mix.

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