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We make muffins at least once a week, and it’s not uncommon for my kids to take one in their lunch when we have leftovers. As you know, we try daily to create ideas to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into our regular meals, so for these sandwiches, we used vegetables.
Bake for 10-12 minutes, or until a wooden toothpick inserted in the center of the muffin comes out clean.
It should Bethany- I’ve replaced flax eggs in other muffin recipes before without a problem, so I think it should be fine. Christian, healthy cook, yoga teacher (in training!), runner, celiac, English teacher, coffee junkie, and always in progress. After years of watching my little sisters snack on Hostess mini muffins (about 65 calories and 4.5 grams of fat PER muffin), I decided it was time to start making my own.

This whole wheat orange blueberry muffin recipe have extra nutrients with chia seeds, they are only sweetened with honey, and they are egg free! After ten minutes, combined chia mixture, milk mixture, oil, honey, and orange extract together.
It’s easy to eat and a fun way for them to make their own sandwiches that include vegetables!
However, egg allergies are becoming more and more common, so I wanted a muffin that didn’t require them. But I added milk until it was more like a muffin batter( half a glass) and they turn out to be amaZingly delicious! The last muffins we made were on the savory side, which we enjoyed, but I couldn’t help but think how these little babies could just be used for a lunchbox sandwich if we were ever out of bread!

Throw a few in a ziplock with yogurt & fruit for breakfast or pack 4 for 125 calorie tasty snack! The pre-portioned bags help make grabbing an on the go healthy snack a snap and are PERFECT for study snacks! Oh and i didn’t have coconut either so i sprinkle sesame seeds which the kids loved it!

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