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Thought I'd share a pic from a light brunch we made and enjoyed with friends on our lovely deck overlooking a beautiful lake this Easter. Yes, these cool meals are perfect for those hot days when you don't want to cook, or eat heavy foods.

Fast does not mean you loose quality, with Senor Grandes fresh and Healthy Mexican Food, you reap the rewards of our highly efficient team of chefs, our state of the art kitchen and our remarkably affordable and great tasting authentic Mexican food recipes.
Since it was Easter, I was feeling a bit sentimental and wanted to dye some eggs, so I dyed them naturally using beets. I had to bake that banana bread super-early in the morning with the fans on so that our place didn't turn into an oven too early in the day - since by the afternoon the casa turns into a solar oven on it's own!
Important to note that it was HOT out, being in Mexico and all, so all the elements were either room temperature or chilled. We also had baked tostadas (for eating with the guac, salsa and tuna), fresh squeezed local orange juice, tropical fruit salad, and delicious Chiapas coffee.

Except the coffee of course, which was served hot and fresh, and which I had with sweetened condensed milk.

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