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Yes The apple with peanut butter and trail mix, I like my snacks crunchy- although the banana dipped in chocolate pudding sounds like it’s worth a try. Okay I found this blog on pinterest…I just saw the homemade trail mix, and what do you know I had everything in the pantry to make it! I just found your blog through Pinterest, and I love all of your snack ideas (and your pictures)!
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Healthy Meals With the advent of quick service restaurants, most fighting for their market share by offering affordable options and convenient delivery service, it is no wonder that less and less families come home to a warm home-cooked meal.
Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. I know how important it is to eat snacks throughout the day, but I also know how difficult it can be to make a healthy choice when you don’t plan ahead and the only edible thing in sight is contained within a vending machine. I plan to print some of this list off and hang it in my kitchen for inspirationwhen the munchies hit. My new favorite snack is sliced cucumbers with a dollop of (fat free) cottage cheese on top.

It’s my sweet little mini-me’s turn to bring healthy snacks to class this week at her Montessori school and they ALL look so good! Another factor could be the increase of both male and female head of the household working fulltime jobs to support their families. It just takes a little planning, some basic pantry stocking, and some freezer worthy tupperware. It’s so simple and yummy and it fixes my pesky cheese and cracker craving with a fraction of the calories. I love making my own trail mixes as well (Kashi Honey Sunshine + almonds + walnuts + raisins is one of my favorite combos). This is more prevalent in highly urbanized cities.For those who are fortunate enough to have time to prepare meals at home, lack of resources andsometimes plain ignorance or disregard of the healthy food preparation result in less than wholesomemeals that just fill up the stomach but provide little or no nutrition. Even worse, especially when justpopping a TV dinner in the microwave, the food is very high in sodium and empty calories.Even for special occasions like Thanksgiving and other holidays, healthy food is not necessarily a toppriority in coming up with a menu.
The indulgent vibe of special holidays are all too often echoed in thedecadence and the high calorie count of foods eaten.
One misconception about healthy food is that ittakes more time to prepare, requires expensive ingredients and is predominantly composed ofvegetables.

For those who do not practise vegetarianism and veganism, there should be no concernThe recipes provided dispel and correct these misconceptions. By simply taking more time to plan outmeals and purchasing more wholesome ingredients, healthy eating can literally be a snap! Considerthese simple tips and practical applications: replace regular bleached all purpose flour partly with wholewheat flour in baked products and desserts like whole wheat crepes.
Prepare wholesome macaroni and cheese, an all-American favorite with these suggestedingredients.
Other replacement tips include using meats from organically grown or grass fed animals;use natural sweeteners like honey, molasses, agave nectar, raw, coconut and palm sugar rather thatrefined white. These do not only taste better but they have more nutrients and no harmful chemical residues.
Usefresh herbs and spices as these not only provide depth of flavor but also antioxidant benefits as well.

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