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It's a common fact that stress combined with unhealthy food will make you shake your head at the scale. Because of this, "Meal Prep Mondays" has become a very popular concept seemingly overnight. The creators of Meal Prep Mondays have set up a website that offers weekend meal plan suggestions, advice on which foods are the best to prep with, and an FAQ that answers any questions you may have on meal preparations. Since everyone has a different schedule, prepping your food is something you really need to figure out for yourself. Proteins like eggs, ground turkey, lean ground beef and chicken breast are foods that are adaptable and easy to refridgerate. You'll have to keep an eye out for USDA regulations on how long certain foods can be frozen (i.e. Also, portion control is a big thing to be conscious about if you choose to use the meal prep plan to stay in shape. If this sounds like something you'd like to try but don't really know how to start, Meal Prep Mondays offers help. A blog worth looking into if you want to try to the Meal Prep Mondays regime is "Eat Hard Work Hard." It focuses on meal prepping and the blogger incorporates pictures of her meals and all her recipes, including where she got all the ingredients. A lot of online forums compare their prepped meals, so there is a sense of community for those that choose to prepare their meals ahead of time.
The creators of the website and Instagram truly believe that this is a great way to stay in shape and be fiscal and healthy. Craig Gillespie directed this true story about "the most daring rescue mission in the history of the U.S. February 27, 201523 CommentsOkay folks, I finished Whole 30 over THREE weeks ago and I’m finally getting around to blogging about my experience, results, tips, etc! First off, I would like to say that I LOVED Whole 30!  It was so good for me physically, of course, but it was also great for me mentally, emotionally and even spiritually.  I learned so much about myself and also formed some habits that I will continue forever.

I first heard about Whole 30 about 2 years ago and it really intrigued me, but it also really scared the heck outta me!  The thought of eating 100% whole food consisting of only fruit, veggies, meat, eggs, nuts and seeds for a month freaked me out.
However, I really liked the idea of only feeding my body 100% real food.  I was curious to see how my body would respond, how my body would feel and what I would learn from it.  So, even though it really scared me, I knew I wanted to do it! I ended Whole 30 on February 3rd.  For the next 2-3 days I continued with the Whole 30 diet, but just added dairy back in.
The rest of the weekend consisted of a few treats here and there and a few more of my favorite meals.  I loved everything, but I definitely noticed my body blowing up, retaining water and feeling pretty blah very quickly.
I got so dang sick of the same ol’, same ol’ foods, but I did discover a few things I really enjoyed!
I also made other yummy meals such as Beef Stew, Roast Beef with Mashed Potatoes, Spaghetti Squash Casserole and Taco Salad. If any of you are thinking about doing Whole 30, I will share my two cents and advice…I hope it can help someone else out there! I would recommend reading the Whole 30 book , It Starts With Food.  I would also recommend spending a lot of time reading everything on the site, especially the Program Rules and the valuable information in the Forum. The night before I started, I cut up a bunch of veggies, roasted a bunch of veggies, cooked up some ground turkey with onions and spices, hard boiled some eggs and marinated some chicken to be grilled. Stock your fridge and cupboards with Whole 30 approved foods!  It’s also important to get rid of the foods in your house that will tempt you to give up! I have a few friends who did Whole 30 with me and it helped a lot.  We would text thoughts and recipes to each other and kept each other motivated.  It was great! Remind yourself over and over that it is ONLY 30 days and you CAN do it!  Take it one day, one meal, one hour at a time. I am so glad I completed Whole 30.  When I first started, 30 days felt like FOREVER!  But, in the end it actually seemed to go by pretty quickly.
I learned so much about myself throughout the process.  Here are some of the most significant things I learned.

I developed habits that I will continue to keep.  I food prep more often, eat more fruits and veggies, am trying not to add additional sweeteners to food, am more familiar with what foods have hidden ingredients and am a lot more committed to my health!
Well, I think that about sums it up!  I loved Whole 30 and I really enjoyed the challenge.  I plan on doing it again and would highly recommend it to everyone out there! February 4, 201530 CommentsOh my word guys, I have had a crazy, exhausting past couple of days!
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And weight gain aside, eating out and getting fast food all the time makes a huge dent in your bank account. To stay healthy and keep your account balances in check, you can prepare nutritious meals for the upcoming week ahead of time. In general, it is suggested to look at your schedule on Sundays and map out which meals you need to make for the week. We all know that certain foods get soggy and bland after a few days, or worse, certain foods can make you sick if they've been out too long. That way, you are organized from the moment you wake up, and don't have to worry about where you are going to get lunch when you're running around. For example, if you have a lunch meeting on Wednesday, you'll know ahead of time that you don't have to prep for that day. Vegetables such as asparagus, zucchini, green beans and eggplant don't go bad very quickly.
They'll guide you through preparing a meal, give advice, and even bring free Tupperware for you to try.

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