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I love these because they are easy to include in any meal, or they could be a meal by themselves. If you want to make your potatoes part of a balanced meal like we did, we added some fruit, brown rice, and rosemary chicken, all on our Choose MyPlate dish! As well as my five favourite ready-frozen products to help you rustle up quick healthy dinners when you’re on your own.
Once cooked, I like to add a bit of zing by squeezing over half a lemon then sprinkling with chopped fresh dill or parsley. Or smear with mixed Italian herb paste from a tube or throw over dried dill or tarragon or mixed herbs. Yes they’re not the most “home-made” taste but a frozen Lean Cuisine, McCain Healthy Choice or Weight Watchers frozen single-serve meal is a handy stand-by if you arrive home at 5pm and dash out at 6pm and need dinner beforehand. Brown is so much healthier than white rice but it takes a good 45 minutes to cook from scratch. Honey mustard chicken – prepare two breasts – cook one the first night, then the second the next night.

My aim is to help busy women eat well so they can attain and maintain a healthy weight while having heaps of energy. Forget the supermarket which is geared to families and packs meat in bulk packs of four+plus serves. Cook a dish that would normally serve two or four people such as a lasagne, curry or hearty pot of soup.
If you’re tired or can’t be bothered cooking then simple meals like a soup or eggs are quick and nourishing. It pays to sample a few of these until you find a couple of favourites where the flavour and the texture are at their best. Sign up for Catherine's newsletter and get the latest Foodwatch news, opinions, product reviews, recipes and special offers direct to your inbox each month. At your local butcher, you can purchase one steak or one chicken breast on your way home and your local fish shop won’t mind if you ask for one fish fillet.
Her latest book Catherine Saxelby's Food and Nutrition Companion answers all those tricky questions on healthy eating, diets and supplements.

Great ideas to use up that extra rice, greens, bread or a glut of produce plus Christmas leftovers.
Every single day when my 14 year old comes home from school, he peels a potato and cooks it for 5 minutes in the microwave.
And then there are those times when you suddenly get asked out for dinner and the things you bought go off before you have a chance to cook them.
Ditto for one banana or one orange at your local fruit shop or even a single bread roll from the local hot bread shop. Then as you eat your breakfast in the morning, pull out a serve from the freezer and leave it in your fridge to defrost.

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