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From the big shop to the clean-up it does take me a few hours but I more than reclaim that time during the week. Tip: to keep your salad as fresh as possible, store in an airtight container with a dry piece of paper towel to absorb moisture. Mine usually last about four days as long as I’m always replacing the paper towel with a dry one.
In my view, pursuing fitness for health means you’re training your body to get stronger to help you do the tasks you perform every day even better! There is no overpowering flavour when I want to use the chicken in other dishes, like in a pasta sauce or on a sandwich.

Each time you use the salad, give it a good stir and replace the damp paper towel with a dry one. Maybe I was behind the times, but I didn’t know these stacking steamers existed until a few months ago.
Prepping some of our food for the week allows me to have a healthy, stress-free week when it comes to meal planning.
Sprinkle chicken with a generic “all spice” (or whatever you prefer), flip and sprinkle the other sides. I think some children don’t like salad because the large chunks of vegetables are awkward for them to eat.

This prepped food usually lasts until Wednesday or Thursday, and then I’m back to freestylin’ for the rest of the week.
I could prepare food for the whole week but by Thursday I’m usually ready for something fresh and new.

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