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Let's kick off Monday and spring with some yummy ideas on how to pack a healthy lunch for work {i.e. Last fall I shared a detailed post called "What about Mom & Dad?" focusing on packing healthy lunches for ourselves. How can we expect our kids to eat the fruit and veggies we pack them if we're settling for fast food or only grabbing a microwave meal on the way out the door in the mornings?
This is another item I share regularly on Instagram is my #smoothieoftheday, with details of what's inside.
One of the things I'm most happy I got into the habit of is prepping fruits and veggies over the weekend. At night, while I making Little Miss' lunch, I simply dice a few extra or pull a few more out of each for my own lunch.
Don't forget there are great resources online that can help you plan and pack, such as MOMables. Bento box style lunches for kids have been growing in popularity, and some moms rave about how they can make packing an organized, healthy lunch that’s also fun to eat, a whole lot easier. I’ve been leery of tray and bento style lunch containers for a long time, for two reasons. So far there has been zero issues with Cedar excitedly opening his lunch and having it spill (my main worry). PlanetBox and the dipper containers are not made to keep food hot and CANNOT be microwaved.

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No matter what part of the country you live in, school will be back in session before we know it. As soon as dinner is done, go ahead and prepare it right into your lunch box (like pictured above). If you take the extra few moments then, you'll save yourself time in the mornings - especially if you're running late. I know that when I pack my lunches, even if I am eating at HOME, I eat healthier if I pack them ahead of time!
Spoon the egg salad into a lettuce a€?bowla€? to keep it looking pretty and enjoy with cocktail bread and veggies. So when my son Cedar and I recently got the chance to review the PlanetBox Complete set we were eager to give it a try. One, I keep imagining Cedar opening his lunch too fast and food flying everywhere and two, they seem really small.
The PlanetBox works very well at keeping dry food items in the container you originally place it in. The set includes the PlanetBox, a safe, food grade quality stainless steel meal container; a stainless steel big dipper container, a stainless steel little dipper container.
I was able to pack him enough food for lunch plus two small snacks using both the PlanetBox and carrying bag.

Single serve yogurts don’t fit well anywhere in the carry bag and I had to send an extra little bag to school with an ice pack.
If you like to send hot foods or microwave-ready foods, you’ll need to send an extra, microwave container along. I knew I wanted to do something special, something that will brighten his day and make him smile. I’m passionate about all things related to parties, pictures, and anything pretty; I find I have a tough time limiting myself to just one genre on my blog! Nestle a dip-size container in with the bread; fill it with pistachios and chocolate chips. A whole sandwich made with average-sized bought or homemade wheat bread doesn’t fit into this compartment unless you cut the crust and a bit of bread off. I married my high school sweetheart and since then, we’ve added two crazy amazing kidlets to the mix. If I took this for lunch, it would be gone at break, and I'd have to go buy a real meal for lunch.

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