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Ever wake up to make school lunches to find no bread left?  This happens to us at least once a week!
The main purpose of our Healthy Choices Canteen trial were 1) to provide affordable, healthy lunch options for students and 2) to promote healthy and sustainable food. The canteen was not designed to fundraise for the school. Our canteen used research from the Australian National University to decide what sustainable school lunches were.
Reduce discretionary foods – We sold meals not snacks and all meals were prepared from fresh ingredients on the day they were eaten. Don’t waste food – We managed our purchasing carefully and composted organic matter in the school worm farm. We are proud of our Healthy Choices Canteen project, particularly that we were able to make a profit selling healthy and sustainable school lunches not the pre-packaged rubbish that is often peddled to kids.

Typically lunch is made up of some red sauce pasta, and some bread (hard on outside and soft on the inside) that was purchased from a bakery that day. It’s a tricky question, partly because not everyone has the same understanding of sustainability.
Even though our healthy and sustainable school lunches were profitable over a term, profit was not our driving motive. Researchers from the ANU have found four food behaviours that have measurable impacts on the environment. From the beginning, the P and C was adamant that a school canteen must promote healthy eating by selling only healthy food. We wanted to support the whole school curriculum of healthy bodies, lifestyles and environments. All items served in the canteen would be classified as green.

But even if you agree on that second definition of sustainability some people might be concerned with the financial sustainability of the canteen project.
Others might be concerned about the canteen’s impact on environmental sustainability.

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