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Popped like a corn kernel, amaranth offers a nutty flavor and a satisfying crunch with every bite.
This finger food is packed with granola, cinnamon and raisins, which add an extra flair to the classic apples and peanut butter snack you may have eaten when you were a kid. As satisfyingly chewable as chips, and flavored with cayenne and chili powder for a kick, these bite-sized crunchies are sure to be a hit with any crowd. Whipping up your own Greek yogurt blend will ensure you avoid the mega-dose of sugar packed in most fruit-flavored grocery store brands. While this wrap may feel substantive, it definitely clocks in at a snack-sized serving with just 113 calories. Bake these cakes on Sunday night and you’ll have veggie-packed patties you can snack on all week. Ditch the store-bought granola brands (which are often packed with artificial ingredients) for this delicious DIY bar. Swap heavy whipped cream for a refreshing honey-mint Greek yogurt topping in this light and summery dish. Sweet dates, nuts and fruit come together to perfectly mimic your favorite grocery store snack bar. Take this fruit to the next level by roasting it with cinnamon, peanut butter, light brown sugar and some savory spices. Feb 2, 2011 I read this morning that Hugh Jackman is planning on consuming a whopping the part -- i e. Shop at GNC for MusclePharm® Arnold Schwarzenegger Series ARNOLD IRON meals to maintain positive nitrogen balance.
Try it yourself with these low-carb snacks; easy to make, many of these are also high in good-for-you nutrients like antioxidants, protein, and fiber. They’re essential for staving off hunger between meals and keeping you fueled from your early morning workout until your late night dinner with friends. These 20 low-calorie snacks are easy to make — and at 200 calories or less per serving, you won’t feel naughty after nibbling. Even better: This unique ‘popcorn’ is packed with nutrients that make it more comparable to a leafy green than a grain (or a buttery, movie-theater treat).

Made with two scoops of protein powder, flaxseeds and Greek yogurt, these pastries are delicious and full of antioxidants and fiber.
Bonus: You can make the granola up to two weeks ahead of time and store it in an airtight container to save you time in your busy, grown-up life. With just six ingredients, you won’t have to worry that this snack contains any hidden additives or sweeteners.
Packed with hummus, carrots, bell peppers, cucumbers and more, this leafy roll-up will leave you satisfied (and sure to meet your daily veggie requirements).
Yielding 18 little pies chock-full of all your favorite healthy ingredients (yes, including kale), this snack is sure to become a staple. This light, tasty topping is made with avocados, Greek yogurt, watercress and other good-for-you ingredients. Made with chunks of dried apple, pecans, toasted oats and cinnamon, each bite will satisfy your apple pie cravings — while serving up only five grams of sugar. Roast your carrots and top them with some fresh Parmesan and basil for a sweet and savory treat that packs only 83 calories per serving. With just 10 minutes of prep time and 10 minutes of cook time required, this dessert-like snack is a no-brainer. Even cooler: You can create your own custom flavor combos by adding a little bit of cinnamon, vanilla or raw cacao powder to your base ingredients. Combine almonds, walnuts, flax and a few other good-for-you ingredients to form bite-size bowls you can fill with almond milk or seasonal berries. Mashed bananas and Greek yogurt cut the fat found in regular muffins, and peanut butter adds a satisfying dose of protein to the mix.
You’ll get six grams per quarter-cup serving, plus a dose of good-for-you antioxidants, thanks to the phytochemicals in beets. Stock your fridge and pantry with ingredients for these quick, healthy and low-calorie snack recipes to help you stay lean and healthya€”and avoid the candy dish and snacks at work.
Our healthy, low-calorie snack recipes are perfect to pack for school or the office, and they make delicious after-school snacks for kids as well! I restricted myself to around 1500 - 1700 calories per day, and divided the Check out the Arnold Schwarzenegger bodybuilding diet plan: Here, the most popular fitness and diet myths.

I also like to make my own hummus (a small amount of carbs in the chickpeas but you cant be that picky) and eat it with veggies, simply amazing. But small bites can also be a nutritional trap, providing few nutrients and tons of unnecessary calories. Plus, they’re loaded with fiber, vitamins, antioxidants and minerals essential to your health and well-being.
Just a quarter-cup of these seeds houses seven grams of protein and seven grams of fiber, making it perfect for when you want to fill up fast. A puree of artichokes, white beans, green chilies, shallots and spices, this mix takes just minutes to make in a food processor. It pairs perfectly with any seasonal assortment of veggies — and will make your plate look that much prettier, too. Make a batch ahead of time and then stash some in your desk so you’ll always have something to nosh on. Serve this snack with some pita chips, or a side of veggies if you’re feeling extra virtuous. Pecans are a solid source of healthy fats and protein — and the salty-sweet combo of flavors will ensure you please every palate.
From Kale Chips to homemade jello recipes, these low-calorie snack recipes will satisfy every appetite and keep you on track to snack healthfully during the day. A 2012 study examining the diets of nearly 5,000 adults found that almost a third of their daily calorie intake was from “empty,” or nutritionally void, snack calories. And thanks to the fact that these babies are made with Greek yogurt instead of butter, each mini muffin contains just three grams of fat. Try our Mango-Strawberry Jello for a crowd-pleasing after-school snack or Lemon-Parm Popcorn for a low-calorie snack perfect for movie night.

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