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Families want healthy dinner recipes: soup, chili, lasagna, utilizing simple chicken and  ground beef recipes.
Come to think of it, Kid’s Closet Connection sales might be considered the slow-cooker of consignment sales. We know how busy families are, so here are some tips to help you make healthy dinner recipes, such as soup,  chili, lasagna, utilizing chicken and ground beef recipes, with the ease of your crock-pot. As you’re adding your protein and veggies to the crock-pot, decide on your flavor profile. Move over cupcakes and muffins — the versatile muffin tin has some new finger foods to bake. Download The 27 Most Popular, Healthy, And Easy To Make Recipes That You And Your Family Will Love. A A good lunch should contain: a protein based main dish, a healthy snack, a fruit, a vegetable, and maybe a healthy dessert.
Awesome Corn Dog Muffin with natural ketchup (no corn syrup!), Ginger Snap Super Cookies, marcona almonds, raspberries, blueberries, pear slices, cucumber slices, cherry tomatoes and snap peas. Follow these links to the recipes for the Chicken, Bacon and Avocado Salad and the Sweet Potato Crisps. Protein…Real Healthy Chicken Nuggets (gluten free, baked, made with organic chicken breast). Protein…Real Healthy Chicken Nuggets (made with organic chicken breast, baked and gluten free).

Protein…Sweet Potato Tortilla Wrap with Almond Butter, Sliced Ham, Sliced Apple and Golden Raisins. Follow these links to recipes for Gluten-Free Pumpkin Muffins and Eyeball Pie with Spaghetti Squash. Wrap…Pumpkin Coconut Flour Tortilla with Almond Butter and Fruit-Only Strawberry Jam.
Follow this link to recpies for Real Healthy Chicken Nuggets and Real Healthy Granola Bars.
Free CookbookDownload The 27 Most Popular, Healthy, And Easy To Make Recipes That You And Your Family Will Love. All recipes, text and photographs on this site are the original creations and property of Diana Keuilian.
Slow-cooker (or Crock-pot) dinners are easy to make: just fill it up with wholesome ingredients in the morning, plug it in, and come home to a home-cooked meal. It’s the simplest way to come home to a healthy dinner  of soup, chili or sauce for lasagna. From pepperoni pizza puffs to chicken cordon bleu wonton poppers, these cute, bite-size dishes are a hit with kids and grown-ups alike. Another bonus of the muffin tins is that they can do double duty as frugal toddler plates too.
Snack…homemade apple chips, Cinnamon Raisin Sin Cookies and Baked Plantain Chips with sea salt.

Protein…Baked Lemon and Dill Salmon over Wild Cauliflower Rice (also has shredded Brussels Sprouts, Celery and Onions).
Protein…Eyeball Pie with Spaghetti Squash and Ground Turkey (recipe will be in the Spooky section of my upcoming HolidayA  ebook!).
Fruit…Peeled Mandarin Orange and Caramel Apple Slices (caramel made with coconut crystals).
It's time to cut out processed foods and to return to a diet filled with wholesome ingredients. Make healthier food choices in your own life and together we will transform our toxic food environment and create a healthier future for generations to come.
If you made a recipe from this blog and would like to share it, post a direct link to the recipe. Dessert…Chocolate Chip Mini Muffins (gluten free, cane sugar free, made with coconut flour). Dessert…Gluten-Free Mini Brownie (sweetened with Raw Honey) and a Buttery Pecan Caveman Cookie.

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