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Our kids, their kids, their friends, and their friends kids have thrived on these recipes for over 40 years. Our easy kid friendly recipes serve up the necessary nutrients in foods that vegetarian kids love and will reliably eat.
Most children have a list of un-favorite foods, and vegetables are high on the list, even for vegetarian or vegan kids. For help winning the vegetable wars, read tips from veteran veggie Moms Sarah Kingsbury and Cathe Olson.
While your kids are young, resign yourself to eating mostly kid friendly food, and leave the steamed asparagus, curried chick peas and chutney for when the kids are out.

To an adult, some of these recipes may be carb heavy & high cal, but children need carbs for energy, and healthy fats to develop their brains. Pack the most nutrition you can get away with into the foods that your vegetarian or vegan children will actually eat, and make sure they're taking a nutritional supplement. Kids are 10 times more active than adults (hopefully), plus they're growing, so they also need lots of protein, vitamins, and minerals too.
Many of our kid friendly recipes are simple enough that kids can help make them, which is a huge incentive to eat them.
Until around age 10, my grandkids would always eat their tofu burgers separated into parts on their plates.

Plain oatmeal was preferred to oatmeal with raisins, and they didn't want milk and sugar mixed in.

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