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You might like the yummy pani puri from the bhaiyya but have you ever thought which water he uses? Any food that has poor nutritional value is considered unhealthy and may be called junk food. The taste draws them to try new things but readymade foods should not be the ideal diet for growing children. Obesity Risk: Junk food is a major cause for childhood obesity which can be observed today. Various Diseases: Osteoporosis and Hypertension are other diseases that appear to have their earliest roots in childhood when lifelong eating habits are being formed. Dr Saggar, Periodontist says he is shocked to learn that a number of mothers give aerated drinks like Coke and Pepsi to children in their feeding bottles. Our article only recommends parents to give their children freshly prepared wholesome and healthy home made food, instead of a factory packaged food.
I agree with words given on non-hygenic foods, but would recommend Govt, FDA should restrict of manufacture such food and advertise. There is lot of money flows to Govt in B2C (Business to Consumer), that is why Food and Civil dept are quite for avoiding junk foods to flow in market. This article is good as today kids demand for junk food and parents are not aware of there ill effects. TestimonialsYou have been of real great help in this entire case and I am very satisfied with the way things have taken shape with the course of time.

For an overall growth of a child, nutrition as well as adequate supply of proteins is necessary and in the absence of these basic ingredients the overall growth of the child can be hampered. Some foods are filled with harmful colors, carbohydrates, fats and cholesterol that do not provide much useful energy.
If children don’t get junk food they fall prey to mood swings, this in turn is harmful for their physical and mental health.
Poor diets can slow growth, cause decay in new teeth and sow the seeds of ill-health and devastating diseases that make life insufferable. Lack of proper nutrition, he says, shows up in the poor health and the dental problems faced by such children. A child who watches it has a good choice to make because television offers them ads showing new items to try like Mc chicken nuggets, more cheesy pizzas by Pizza hut and Dominos and if these is less than you have ads showing new pasta which can be cooked as fast as Maggi noodles and also new crispy Bingo Mad Angles or new flavored biscuits and tempting chocolates. You cannot say 'no' to your child but try and explain them, it is not always healhty to have it. We have not written anything about Kurkure and plastic, nor questioned in being vegetarian. I can see the same comment posted on multiple websites, without understanding the content of the article.
Food consumed from roadside vendor is not only junk food but also unhygienic and dangerous. Generally, junk food is given a very attractive appearance by adding food additives and colors to improve flavor, texture, appearance, and increasing long shelf life.

Now a days when a child comes home after school he doesn’t need dosa and upma, he instead needs wafers or a packet of Kurkure or Chitoos which he can munch while enjoying the idiot box. We would stop them availability at retail shops, so that we can avoid kids to concentrate on junk foods.
All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. On the other hand, you might think burger from Mac and delicious chicken from KFC is safe and healthy, but they are not.
What makes 'food' junk is, when some ingredients used in them  consumed regularly can be harmful and unhealthy. It is advisable for parents to not give junk food like samosas, vada pav , burger, coke etc. So say your opinions are you the one who eats Pizzas, chips, kebabs or burgers or are you the one who wants to keep your life healthy. Giving children these foods once in while is fine but if they consume them on regular bases they will be the cause of various health issues.

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