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If you have a little time and the desire to enhance your health, use my juicer detox recipes. You can aid the detox process by ensuring your body has loads of vitamins, minerals and nutrients to work with. But thanks to juicing fruits and vegetables (green juice especially!), those days are past. While your body gets to detox, you can make the recipes taste great, enjoying the whole process.

Our environments are often filled with toxins, whether it’s the plastic our food is in or the pollution from cars and motorbikes on roads. Contaminants in food and water, mixed with poor exercise habits and environmental toxins, combine to create a situation where we tend to be overloaded with toxic waste. Carrots are loaded with Vitamin A, which helps to regenerate the mucous membranes of the colon wall and builds up the overall health of the body. It is also known to fight cancer and the free radicals that cause cancer, as well as having a positive effect on addictions to sugar, alcohol and nicotine.

It is one of the top 6 herbs in the Chinese herbal medicine collection and is regarded by some to be a super-herb.

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