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I'd love to know what you think of the new site and who you would like to see featured in the next interview. I took to the interwebs as I always do before trying something new: I like to research the established methods for making things before marching off to my own recipe beat.
Most of the Concord Grape Jam recipes I saw involved first slipping the grapes out of their skins.
I got 1 cup of jam out of this recipe: one deep purple cup of thick grape jam with incredible flavor. Winnie, doesn’t the food processor chop up the seeds and don’t the seeds make the jam bitter?
Shannon, this particular jam does not have enough acid or sugar to be water bath processed safely. Last month I made my first Concord Grape Jam, using the juice from grapes my mother canned last year (sugar-free and in their own juice, so no blending, peeling, milling etc.). Quick question, you state that you only got a cup of jelly, but to me, it looks like a pint. I was inspired to make jelly using this method after I discovered that we have a ton of wild grapes growing on a vine on our porch.

While infinitely easier than seeding the grapes, I wasn’t up to this task at that moment, so decided to just process my grapes whole in my blender.
I then reduced the heat a bit and cooked it down for about an hour, stirring every now and then.
Those labels are really convenient- they wash right off the jars- plus I think they’re pretty too! This wasn’t just a surprise to us, but also a surprise to the people that own the house since they never had berries grow on the vine the entire time they lived here before us, lol! I watched my grape liquid like a hawk to make sure it didn’t burn, and the whole time it was cooking, I was pretty sure it would never thicken.
I turned off the heat at this point and allowed the grape goodness to cool so I could taste it, and make sure it was sweet enough (it was). But I really love this, especially since it’s make with just grapes and organic sugar. I don’t have a food mill currently, is this something I absolutely have to have to make this or is there any work around? We used your method of crushing them, then we strained the crushed grapes through cheesecloth.

I guess it’s important to take it off the stove a bit earlier than you think is right, because it thickens so much on standing. I am a published author and I create and photograph seasonally inspired recipes here at Healthy Green Kitchen. And as it cooled, I was pleasantly surprised to see it morph into exactly what I was looking for. Thanks so much for sharing, I cannot wait to have a delicious PB&J sandwich with homemade grape jam! I am also a body positive, habit-focused nutrition and strength coach, as well as a competitive powerlifter. I have yet to open the canned jar and when I do, one of the first things I will make will be those delicious pb&j scones you posted!

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