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Join for free and you'll gain instant access to our tracking and reporting tools, expert coaching tips, and a free trial to our personalized training and nutrition programs. Menus at Indian restaurants are filled with items that are vegetable-based or use lean cuts of meats, but there are still diet landmines in the mix.
Any dish labeled as Dal, such as Dal Bukhara, is made with lentils and low in fatty oils and butter. Dishes that include Paneer (cheese), like Palak Paneer and Kadhai Paneer, are made with full-fat cheese. While healthier than American gravy, Indian gravy is made from onions, tomatoes, salt, and spices cooked in a large amount of butter.

If you still can't decide what to order using the tips above, choose one of the dishes on our go-to list of healthy menu items. Dishes like Malai Kofta and Palak Paneer are cooked with ingredients like oil, butter, cream, and high-fat cheese. Meats that are cooked Tandoori style are typically lean and marinated with yogurt and fresh spices.
Opt for dishes made with fresh vegetables, like Aloo Gobi and Sukhi Bhindi, for a delicious, colorful meal that will help you feel fuller, longer.
These lentil- and chickpea-based dishes are high in fiber and protein, which will help you feel fuller.

With the following Indian breakfast ideas, you can have a healthy breakfast without compromising on your taste. Indian breakfast dishes are usually vegetarian but non-vegetarians can add eggs or meat to some of these dishes to make them interesting. November 10, 2015 Septia Fani2 Of The Most People Love Of South Indian Cooking November 10, 2015 Septia FaniEasy To Cook Recipe of Murtabak Har Indian Style October 27, 2015 Septia Fani6 Steps to Go Advance with Healthy Indian Vegetarian Recipes October 27, 2015 Septia FaniOur Outlets Seminyak Jl.

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