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Though potatoes are high in carbohydrates, they are complex carbs hence we do not restrict them in our diet. Other day I had given her papaya banana puree in evening at 530, later at night 9pm she put some toy in her mouth n she gagged n vomitted all of this puree. Please give me some suggestions for weight gain considering the fact I can’t experiment much with her food.
Can you share with me her daily food schedule (including milk – formula or breastfed) in detail? Yes I have seen the chart but I can no way include that many snacks due to her naps and in between breastfeed. At 10 months babies must start eating textured foods, but for babies with colic you can wait until an year. If giving pureed foods, babies can eat more quantity and digest quickly and can have more feeds like milk or fruit. You have to burp her before you start feeding , after feeding and in between every few bites. Try to include at least a small quantity of fruit 45 mins to 1 hour before lunch and dinner.

Do not eat foods that are not compatible in nature like milk and fruit, milk in curry, milk in veggies, curd with fruits or veggies etc. Hi ,my babies are twins.they are 6 months old .so u suggest me which food recipe feed for them? White potatoes are bad for colicky babies, but adding carom seed powder reduces colic and is a very good digestive aid.
It even keeps babies away from building up phlegm, after all phlegm is undigested food that ferments forming toxins in the body.
Pressure cook it for 4 whistles or you can cook even in a slow cooker or heavy bottomed pan till the potatoes turn mushy. My girl won’t take mashed food, if she is very hungry then few spoons she will have n then puking face.
After 15 mins of feed, put the baby on the stomach just for 30 mins.You will have to monitor. Consume 5 grams of ajwain twice a day 30 mins before food.No water should be consumed for 15 mins.
If cooking in an open pan need to add more water (approximately another 90 ml) and fully cook till the rice and potatoes turn soft.

Yes, there is a correlation between colic and weight gain.Babies with reflux may not gain weight if it is not treated. Do not mix fruits, Serve only one variety of fruit, no refrigerated foods including fruits as it reduces the digestive fire.
Due to her nausea which is not consistent, I don’t know weather any new food makes her get nausea or reflux. So it is not the quantity that we feed the baby matters, but what matters is the quantity that is digested well and absorbed by the body. November 10, 2015 Septia Fani2 Of The Most People Love Of South Indian Cooking November 10, 2015 Septia FaniEasy To Cook Recipe of Murtabak Har Indian Style October 27, 2015 Septia Fani6 Steps to Go Advance with Healthy Indian Vegetarian Recipes October 27, 2015 Septia FaniOur Outlets Seminyak Jl.

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