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Science, however, declares it’s not that bad to indulge every once in a while in this delightful sweet, and to help you dispel some myths, we tell you why you should eat chocolate! Still, scientific studies have proven that there’s not a direct link between acne and chocolate consumption, and some dermatologists even indicate that your diet has nothing to do with it at all, although ingesting too many calories can definitely contribute to this skin problem, and each body reacts differently to food. Although chocolate can effectively give you a small energy boost, it’s not enough to make you nervous or hyperactive, so don’t be afraid of having some. Chocolate also contains flavonols, which can boost blood flow towards the brain, helping you stay alert and focused. According to most people, chocolate increases your weight, and as we all know that has terrible effects on your heart’s health. To help you out, we tell you the top 5 best foods to fight stress that will make you feel better without side effects.
Green vegetables are great for giving your body magnesium, an essential substance that can help you avoid muscle tension, depression, anxiety and insomnia, some of the symptoms and causes of stress. Spinach also contains multiple vitamins and minerals which help reduce stress hormones and relax your body, making it a healthy addition to your diet. You might believe that fatty foods are not a heathy alternative for your relieving your stress, but dark chocolate is the perfect option for giving your mood a boost. Teas contain powerful antioxidants which have the ability to calm your body and mind, making them the perfect alternative to unhealthy beverages like coffee or sodas, which can increase your anxiety when consumed in large quantities.
If you’re trying to relax before going to bed, or to relax after a stressful event, you can also try some chamomile tea, a great calming brew. Iron deficiency can cause fatigue and anxiety, especially in women, and for a wonderful iron supply, you can add nuts such as cashews, almonds, pistachios and walnuts to your diet.
Although some of them can be high in carbs, they’re great foods with many health properties, such as keeping your brain and heart strong and healthy.
Berries are known for providing your body with many antioxidants, substances that can reduce inflammation and sharpen your mind.
These fruits can also help lower your blood pressure, and consuming them regularly can help you reduce symptoms of depression and insomnia.
The cold months have arrived, and although most of us enjoy the refreshing chill and gorgeous winter scenery, this time of the year definitely takes a toll on our bodies. The cold season is perfect for dry fruits and nuts, since they’re neither too hot nor too cold, and can be enjoyed anytime you want. Pumpkins contain beta carotene, which can shield your body against the damages of the sun, and they’re also great for protecting it against aging with its powerful antioxidants. If you want to keep your skin looking great and healthy during the upcoming months, make sure you include foods which contain this substance, like tomatoes, watermelon, red peppers, carrots, and, of course, some tasty grapefruit!
If you’re looking for some healthy desserts to try for the Holidays, then these ideas are for you! It takes only about five minutes to make, so it’s perfect for a last-minute dessert; and it’s also a low-fat, low-cholesterol recipe which everyone will like!
If you wish to incorporate fruits and flavor to your meal, then a great alternative is a cranberry and coconut trifle. This dessert is low in sugar and high in antioxidants, given the amazing properties of the cranberries, so it’s a healthy and festive-looking alternative you can incorporate to your holidays. A great way of adding a touch of fall flavors to your table is through a typical pumpkin pie, yet cakes usually have a large amount of calories and almost no nutritional value. Simple to make, and perfect for any time of the day, this dessert combines the traditional gingerbread with a hint of exotic flavor through a touch of pumpkin which will add a lot of nutritional values to this typical holiday food. This healthy dessert is perfect for complementing a light holiday meal, or as a mid-afternoon snack. Decorate your cookies with a glaze made with lemon, or add a few chocolate chips for some extra flavor. However, whether you’ve confused them all your life or not, the truth is sweet potatoes are one of the most popular power foods for the fall which you should definitely add to your diet during the upcoming months.
They also contain plenty of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, so they can protect you against toxins, as well as help you heal wounds. Amongst their many minerals and vitamins, sweet potatoes also contain vitamin B6, which is great for controlling homocysteine, a chemical that’s actively linked to degenerative diseases.
Homocysteine can also harden arteries and vessels, making you vulnerable to heart diseases.
These healthy fall foods also contain minerals such as potassium and magnesium, which regulate your heartbeat, nerve signals, and can help you lower blood pressure.
As the holidays approach, our stress levels increase, and some of us might start feeling tired, depressed or anxious.
However, if you’re looking for an alternative that won’t damage your body or that of your loved ones, then these recipes are perfect for you! Read on, and discover the top healthy snacks for Halloween you should definitely try for tonight! A great way of giving a traditional dip a spooky Halloween spin, is to create cute ghosts with some white coating.
Although the original recipe opts for creating an icky-looking substance to resemble some spooky brains, you can go wild with your imagination! Since we’ve told you about the health benefits of pumpkins before, then you must know they’re not just for decoration! This is the perfect recipe for enjoying sweets on this spooky night without compromising your weight or your health, since it’s considerably low on fats compared to standard candy. Today is the World Osteoporosis Day, which aims to create consciousness about this degenerative bone disease which affects almost one in every two women, and one in every four men, worldwide. However, if you are intolerant or don’t like dairy products, opt for other alternatives, such as green tea without sugar.
Salty foods can help your bones degenerate faster than they should, since they extract the calcium out of them.
You can also use sodium-free foods such as onions, garlic, vinegars and lemons to add some spice to your meals without putting your bones at risk.
Like calcium and vitamin D, magnesium also plays an important part on the fight to keep your bones healthy and strong, as a diet high in calcium but low in magnesium can also produce osteoporosis. Make it more effective by looking for orange juice with fortified vitamin D, and make sure you have at least a glass of it every day.
We all know vegetables are great for our health, but did you know that they are also rich in calcium?
However, stay away from spinach and other foods with oxalates, such as rhubarb or beet greens, since they contain oxalic acid, which obstruct calcium absorption. As temperatures drop, some persons begin showing symptoms of seasonal depression, with their moods changing drastically. Although overeating pumpkin seeds is not encouraged, having a small amount of them might actually help you fight off the new season’s blues!
Pumpkins are also great for helping your body balance electrolytes as well as restoring your muscles, so make sure you have some after a demanding physical activity.
Pumpkins contain many anti-oxidants, some of which can help your body filter and protect itself from UV rays. Since it also contains vitamins A, C and E, pumpkins are great for improving your sight, and protecting the mucous membranes of your body. Fiber-rich diets are great for weight control, since foods with fiber can help you feel full fast, making you eat less calories.
These fruits are also great for controlling cholesterol, as well as giving your body the amount of vitamins and minerals it needs. If looking and feeling good doesn’t seem enough for you to start adding pumpkins to your diet, then maybe knowing about their benefits against cancer and heart diseases might change your mind!
The beta-carotene is also great for preventing coronary heart disease and strengthening your immune system, while pumpkin seeds contain chemicals which can help you reduce bad cholesterol. Considering what, when and how you eat is extremely important if you want to have a healthier body and therefore a longer and healthier life.
Before munching on any food, you should always make sure it contains the crucial nutritional values your body needs, and that you’re physically and emotionally ready to engage in the act of eating. Choose the proper meal: select varied foods from different types and colors -fruits, vegetables, etc. Avoid unhealthy fats: contrary to what most people believe, fats are extremely important for our bodies.
Relax: to digest your food properly it’s essential to be calm, since stress can thwart your digestion and keep you from absorbing the nutrients you need. Now, one of the most important parts of healthy eating is to consider how you do it, a fact we usually forget while we’re distracted or rushed. Consume the right portions: begin your day with a large breakfast, then have a considerably smaller lunch, and finally avoid dinner and snacks 14 to 16 hours before the time when you’ll have breakfast the next day. Eat slowly: when you take your time to enjoy your food, the process of signals between your digestive system and your brain works better, helping you to not overeat and absorb the ingredients you need. Pay attention to your body’s needs: if you’re feeling close to being full, don’t try to keep stuffing food into your system. You’ve had your meal, and now it’s time to return to your activities or rest for a few minutes.
Don’t involve your body in strenuous activities: forget about walking, swimming or doing any sort of exercise directly after eating, since this will keep your body from processing your food properly.
Don’t eat fruits or consume tea after a meal: although both are good for you, consuming them right after eating makes processing the ingredients of the fruits and the iron in your meal considerably more difficult. Massage your stomach: a great and easy way to help your digestion is to massage your belly clockwise and anti-clockwise, since this stimulates blood flow and bowel movement.
Keep your body hydrated: as the day goes by, your body will need water to keep working and it will send you signals you might confuse with hunger. Fruits are great for helping your body stay hydrated, but for the summer you should definitely consider adding more blueberries to your diet. It’s recommended to have at least 3 servings a day of these tasty fruits to obtain all their amazing health benefits. These fruits also contain a lot of Vitamin C and fiber, making it a delicious and nourishing meal which will keep your body healthy during summer. Other salad greens are also perfect for keeping you hydrated, since they have plenty of nutrients and most contain more than a 90% of water. Watermelon is also great for helping your muscles relax and heal after physical activities, as well as keeping your heart healthy and eliminating high blood pressure.
With a water percentage of 95 to 96, cucumbers are the best healthy foods to help hydrate your body during the summer. Cucumbers are also great for your skin, since they contain anti-inflammatory properties which make them great for fighting sunburns or skin irritations.
We all have days in which we can hardly get out of bed, since we’re burdened by problems or sorrows. Honey helps you clean your body and feel better almost instantly, so consider giving it a try next time you’re reaching out for a saccharine snack.
Sometimes our depression is actually produced by things which are affecting our organism internally.
Oatmeal contains an important amount of Selenium, a great antioxidant mineral which will help your body get rid of the bad components.
According to studies, those who consume Omega-3s regularly are less likely to suffer from depression and mood swings.
Berries also contain high amounts of vitamin C, nutrients and antioxidants which will help you fight irritability and melancholy, so add them to your diet and consume them regularly.

Nuts make great snacks and have amazing properties which can improve memory as well as help you keep a healthy brain.
Other alternatives are seeds, beans and legumes, which also share some of these elements and are great for creating healthy meals. Keeping a healthy lifestyle can sometimes be difficult due to our rushed and often tiring routines. A healthy dose of potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, iron and other minerals; also, Vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, C, E, K and folate.
Potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, iron, Vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, C, E, K, folate, protein, fiber, omega 3.
Potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, manganese, sodium, zinc, vitamin A, B1, B2, B5, B6, C, E, K, folate, iron. Seems like more and more people are ditching meat altogether and opting for vegetarian diets.
When people think about a vegetarian diet, they usually imagine folks eating nothing but salads.
A common question that pops up whenever people talk about a vegetarian diet is how do vegetarians get their protein.
The biggest problem for vegetarians is a deficiency in iron, which is better absorbed from meat.
It also depends on the eating habits of each person, as well as their proclivity to exercise regularly and consume enough supplements and nutrients. To avoid an unhealthy transition, visit a nutritionist first so they can guide you in the process of eliminating diary and meat from your diet. Consuming the proper food can help you improve the way you feel and look, and since spring is such a wonderful time for enjoying vegetables and fruits, today we tell you all about the 5 healthiest spring foods you should add to your diet so you can enjoy the season fully. This first spring food is quite curious: rhubarb is a vegetable, yet it’s often cooked and consumed as a fruit.
Since these vegetables have their best harvest during the spring months, artichokes are definitely a must-have in any meal. Legumes are one of the greatest spring foods if you’re trying to keep your body weight in check, since your body must work hard to get the fiber it contains. Like most of the other foods on this list, asparagus can be harvested during all the year, yet their best crops are produced during the spring months. After returning from school, college or work at night, many of us will feel a pang of hunger which we crave to satisfy.
Eating while performing other activities can be counterproductive, since it can make you lose track of how much you’re consuming, which can lead to eating more calories than you really need. Since late-night cravings can derive from dehydration, make sure you always keep a bottle of water with you, so you can drink as much of it as you need throughout the day. If after changing your habits you still arrive home feeling hungry, then listen to your body but pick the proper food. A great suggestion is to place a food curfew so you can get your body used to not eating after a demarcated hour. If you’re about to go to sleep and you’re feeling a little hungry, avoid snacking, since it can interrupt your rest, and your metabolism slows down during your sleep hours, making the food harder to digest.
Time and unhealthy habits can affect our teeth and make them lose their naturally white color, as well as making them vulnerable to cavities and gum diseases.
These slightly bittersweet fruits have been known to do wonders for weight loss and fitness.
These healthy foods are great for protecting your teeth against plaque and stains, since they both induce chewing, thus stimulating the production of saliva which helps your teeth fight the acids and bacteria which can damage them. Vegetables such as broccoli and celery aren’t only good for your weight, but they also help your teeth by stimulating saliva production, thus cleaning away the food from your teeth and protecting your gums.
Fruits which demand a lot of crunching are definitely good for your teeth, and apples are not the exception to that rule. Now that you know what to eat, it’s time you check out which foods are doing the most damage to your teeth: reduce or avoid their consumption, and replace them for the healthier options listed above. Breads, pastas, potatoes and other starchy foods, produce high acid levels which erode the teeth’s protective layer when they’re cooked or refined. Candies, pastries, snacks and other sugary foods contain high levels of sugar which not only erode the teeth, but can also adhere to them for a long time, since saliva can’t wash them away. Coffee, tea, red wine and white wine contain high acid levels which damage the teeth and stain them. If you’re having any of these foods, it’s usually recommended to alternate their consumption with water, and also rinsing your mouth right after eating them. Discover 4 things you might not know that can explain why you should eat chocolate without hesitation! This amazing natural resource is an instant favorite of most people, since it’s an especially tasty and romantic treat. According to most beauty gurus, eating chocolate can produce breakouts, so it’s important not to consume it if you want smooth and beautiful skin. Spinach is a great option, since only a cup of these tasty foods contains high levels of magnesium. Having a small piece of dark chocolate at least once a week will give your body magnesium and pack you with antioxidants. Green and black tea also contain thiamine, a substance that can improve your attention and boost your mood. These foods are sources of healthy fats, making great snacks, and can complement baked meals.
However, blueberries are considered the best amongst them, since they also contain Vitamin C, which can lower the levels of cortisol, a stress-producing hormone. Not only do we indulge in some unhealthy practices, but also the environment can sometimes act against us. If you want to avoid flaky skin during these months, simply add more almonds and nuts to your diet.
They’re perfect for snacks, or you can add them to your breakfast cereal for a nourishing meal. Some of the most popular beverages for this season are coffee and tea, since they give you an energy boost and can be great for skin cancer prevention. A cup of this power drink has all the benefits of coffee and tea, while also providing you with multiple antioxidants which can help you keep your skin looking young and smooth.
This delicious beverage is a staple of the wintery months, but did you know it can also help you avoid scaly skin? Just drink a cup in the morning and enjoy a beautiful skin without sacrificing the rest of your body! We’ve told you before about the great health benefits of pumpkins, such as providing you with energy and helping you control your weight, but this wonderful food is also responsible for giving you a glowing skin. This wonderful food contains lycopene, a carotenoid that can keep your skin looking perfectly smooth; and also vitamin C, which can help prevent wrinkles.
December is the perfect month for getting a much needed rest, for reconnecting with your family and friends, and also for tasting delicious foods, especially if they’re sweet. Here are some of the best alternatives to help you enjoy the month without sacrificing neither flavor nor your health! However, try to replace some of the items for a healthier version of this dessert, like low-fat milk, agave nectar and whole-wheat flour. To change that during the Holidays, use nonfat cottage cheese and Greek yogurt for the cream, and walnuts and gingersnaps to complement the flavor. If you’re looking for a healthier alternative on normal cookies, then try replacing or cutting back on some of the ingredients. Amongst them, vitamins C and D are great for keeping your skin looking beautiful, since it produces collagen which helps it remain youthful and elastic. Since it also contains carotenoids, these foods can boost your immune system, and effectively protect you against diseases such as cancer, as well as the effects of aging. However, as seen before, sweet potatoes contain vitamin B6 and antioxidants, which not only help your body control this substance, but also keep your bloodstream clean. Luckily for us, sweet potatoes contain magnesium, a mineral which produces relaxation, and vitamins C and D, which can help us improve our moods and increase our energy levels. Are you going to a party with your closest friends tonight, indulging your kids in some trick-or-treating, or simply staying home watching movies with the family? Don’t sacrifice flavor or fun, just pick the right ingredients and you’ll have healthy yet spooky appetizers in no time!
The fellows at Candiquik created dipped strawberries with a healthy vanilla coating and a few chocolate chips to create the eyes and mouth of the little ghosts.
Fill it up with small fruits, chocolate, ice cream, or a unique combination of ingredients.
To contribute, we’ve decided to investigate which are the top 5 best foods to fight osteoporosis so you can add it to your diet!
As an alternative, add spices and other tasty foods so you don’t have to sacrifice neither flavor nor health.
Some great sources of magnesium can be found on nuts, such as peanuts, almonds and their butters.
Orange juice contains the same amount of calcium as milk, and it’s great for the formation of collagen, which will help your bones stay strong. If you’re looking for an inexpensive way of taking good care of your bones, then adding more green foods is the perfect alternative. As the temperatures drop, our eating habits begin changing, and one of the top foods we unconsciously link to autumn are pumpkins. A way of helping your mind face this, is by increasing exercise and eating the right foods. When you need a meal to help your body restore itself after some exercise, pumpkins are one of the top choices. These components can help you fight off macular degeneration, as well as protecting your skin against wrinkles. Pumpkins are rich in fiber, and they contain only about 20 to 40 calories, making it a perfect option for controlling your weight during fall.
Since these fruits contain the antioxidant beta-carotene, they’re great for reducing the risk of developing certain types of cancer. That’s why today we check out the essential habits for healthy eating, with a few before, during and after tips. However, you should always reduce your consumption of saturated and trans fats, which can be find in animal products and highly processed foods. However, what you do after having a meal is as important as what you did before and during. Sleeping or taking a bath is equally unhelpful, since they’re both process which hinder digestion. Consume water regularly so you don’t feel the temptation of overeating, and to keep your body running smoothly.
The scalding sun takes a toll on your body, and a great way of fighting against the damaging effects of the extreme heat is to incorporate foods rich in water to your daily meals. These tasty fruits contain a 95% of water, and on top of helping your body fight the heat, they also have great health benefits, such as detoxing your body, protecting your cardiovascular system, protect your eyes from damage, and even improve your memory. These fruits also have wonderful anti-inflammatory properties, which makes them perfect for an after-exercising meal, or even as a natural way of helping your body deal with sunburns.
Lettuce contains a 95% of water, and this vegetable is known for containing Omega-3 acids which help your heart stay healthy.

Watermelon contains about a 96% of water, and it’s perhaps one of the best fruits for fighting the heat.
These vegetables are easy to find, especially during this season, and they have plenty of health and beauty benefits which make it a must-eat: they give you a healthy energy-boost, they stimulate hair growth, improve digestion, control weight, and are even believed to help fight cancer, diabetes and heart problems. Discover the best healthy mood-boosting foods which can help you improve your disposition without upsetting your body! Most of us will resort to sugary snacks when we’re feeling blue, yet consuming sugar is terrible for the organism, since it releases harmful components which can damage it. Since we can’t see them, we can only experience the effects and think it’s merely emotional. Fruits like raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and strawberries contain important amounts of this component, making them the perfect healthy mood-boosting foods you can eat as a snack or in a fruit salad. Walnuts, particularly, are loaded with a high amount of omega-3 as well as selenium, which, as we mentioned before, are essential components for a mood-boosting food, and, best of all, make you feel full after eating just a small portion. According to scientists, only a few ounces of chocolate are enough for releasing feel-good chemicals in your brain, such as endorphins, which are great for improving your mood, as well as enhancing your concentration by aiding the blood flow to the brain.
Take a bite of a piece of natural dark chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa and you’ll feel better instantly. One of the main problems of most people consists in preparing a healthy meal in the morning which gives them enough energy and nutrients for the rest of the day.
Check out our guide on everything you should know about a vegetarian diet, and see if it fits your lifestyle.
These foods can be combined to create vegetarian cookies, cakes, burgers, hot dogs, ice creams, and even faux meat. The answer is that vegetarians must consume enough portions of beans, nuts, legumes and soy, which are foods rich with protein.
However, as long as they combine food with vitamin C –which helps absorbing iron- with beans, peas, oatmeal, spinach, and other iron-rich food; then they’ll get the healthy amount of this substance that their bodies need.
Although meat has been linked to cancer production and many other diseases, a poorly planned vegetarian diet can also be counterproductive to the body. A professional will help you define which foods and supplements your body will need until it settles into a healthy vegetarian diet. To do so, you must remove the poisonous leaves, and then use the stalks to create the meal of your choice: you can use them for pies and tarts, jams, or simply slice it and add the pieces to a salad or sauces. They can be served with pastas and salads, and they’re wonderful for giving your body a healthy boost of energy during this season.
Either incorporated into fruit salads, or eaten on their own as a succulent and healthy snack, strawberries are great for helping your skin deal with the environmental changes. Peas, beans and other legumes are easy to find during this season, and they’re a tasty addition to salads, sauces, soups and more. This healthy spring food can be added to salads, roasted, sauteed, or even grilled, and they contain vitamins A and C, and a low amount of calories. Learn all there is to know about it, and discover when and what to eat to avoid gaining extra pounds.
Many experts insist that eating at night does affect your weight no matter what you eat, while others believe that is what you choose to eat at night what causes weight gain. This happens due to several reasons: from force of habit to boredom, dehydration or even stress and anxiety. It’s recommended to have at least 8 hours food-free before breakfast, so define your curfew according to your schedule and eating habits. However, they’re also extraordinarily useful for teeth, since they contain an element called bromelain, which not only has anti-inflammatory properties, but also as a natural cleaning product for teeth, and is even included in some brands of stain-removing toothpaste. Nuts and seeds also rub against the surface of your teeth, acting as effective and natural cleansers as well as giving you a healthy dose of proteins, so make sure you keep them around. They also contain fiber and iron, which help strengthening and reducing the inflammation of your teeth, while also creating a protective layer against acids and bacteria. Apples act like a natural cleanser, as they increase saliva production and also rub against the surface of your teeth, getting rid of stuck food, bacteria and plaque in the process. These healthy foods contain a great amount of elements which will make your teeth healthier and better looking. They contain high amounts of simple sugars which, when they go inside your mouth, produce acids that can weaken your teeth, creating cavities and staining them. Their effects are also more damaging, for people are used to sip them slowly, making stay in contact with the teeth for a long time. Still, most of us tend to avoid any dessert that includes it, following a popular belief that says chocolate is bad for your body and your health. Although most people believe chocolate is packed with caffeine –an energy-boosting element-, the fact is that it’s not that high on caffeine, containing almost the same amount as decaffeinated coffee.
As it turns out, this food is great for getting rid of stress-producing hormones, since it’s packed with antioxidants, especially dark chocolate. The high amount of antioxidants in a bar of dark chocolate can actually lower your cholesterol and BMI (Body Mass Index) levels, and reduce your risk of experiencing a heart attack. Stress is a harmful condition that can cause terrible health consequences, from heart problems and aches to memory issues. These healthy foods are not only good for your mind and body, but they’re also rich in vitamin E, which increases blood flow towards your skin. However, consuming them excessively can also be harmful, since caffeine tends to dehydrate your skin. According to studies, cocoa contains epicatechin, an element which can help improve your skin’s texture by increasing blood flow and helping it receive the nutrients and oxygen it needs. However, we all know that an excess of pastries can definitely take a toll on our bodies and our general health.
A campaign which aims to help people differentiate sweet potatoes from yams has become a national event in the US since 2006. These foods are also great for building healthy bones and teeth, so they’re great for complementing a regular exercising routine. These naturally sweet foods contain a good amount of iron which can give you a healthy energy boost when you most need it. You can create your own version by picking bananas, apples and other naturally sweet foods, and trying white coatings and frostings. All you need is some oranges, unflavored vegan gelatin, food coloring, and complementary flavors such as apple juice and carrots. You’ll need oatmeal, pumpkin puree, cinnamon, raisins, and other regular ingredients for cookies. Indeed, dairy products fortified with Vitamin D are perfect for preventing and fighting osteoporosis. Adding collard greens, turnip, broccoli, green peas, lettuce and cabbage to your meals, will help you fight off osteoporosis easily.
Discover the 5 great health benefits of Pumpkins, and add this fruit to your diet this season!
But, did you know they contain a ton of properties which can help your body stay healthy and fit during fall?
These foods are known for containing few calories, no saturated fats, and providing your body with about 550 mg.
Eating the right portions of food is great for controlling your weight and giving your body exactly the amount it needs. Check out our list of the best healthy foods to help hydrate your body during the Summer, and discover their amazing effects.
Pineapples are also great for your bones’ health, keeping your teeth healthy, controlling your weight, and improving digestion.
It also contains a high amount protein, and it’s used to fight anemia and sleeping problems such as insomnia.
This delicious food is known for containing very few calories, instead providing you with all the essential salts your body needs to rehydrate successfully, such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium. Discover the top 5 best healthy mood-boosting foods which will help you feel better and live the day joyfully!
However, studies suggest some depressions can be produced by oxidative elements which are rooted in our brain. Today, we take a look at the most common questions about this lifestyle, and tell you everything you should know about a vegetarian diet. An unhealthy vegetarian diet can derive from a poor transition from meat to unhealthy substitute, such as a diet which consists in refined carbohydrates. Rhubarb is a great source of fiber, as well as calcium, potassium, manganese and vitamin C. Artichokes also contain a healthy dose of magnesium and fiber, and it’s very low on calories. This healthy spring food contains fiber, vitamin C and antioxidants, which help your skin repair and stay young and fresh looking. These healthy spring food will provide you with a great amount of vitamins A and C, while also giving your body an energy boost and making you feel fuller for a long time.
Asparagus also provide you with folate, a vitamin which helps your body with the synthesis of neurotransmitters, which makes this a great food for improving your mood during the season.
To stay on the safe side, we’ve compiled a few tips to let you know when and what to eat to keep your body healthy and fit.
It can also be a sign that there are low levels of salt, sugar or protein in your body, which your system is longing to restore.
Most experts suggest eating small portions of healthy food during the day, including small snacks between meals to keep your metabolism running smoothly. They also contain high amounts of malic acid, which is a natural stain-remover used in some brands of toothpastes. Just like apples, they contain malic acid, which can remove superficial tooth discoloration. Sugar contains an array of ingredients which fuel our body.  However, the problem comes from consuming too much of it, for it is very detrimental to your organism. When we’re under too much stress, a normal response of our bodies is to crave for food, but most of the time we opt for unhealthy snacks which can also cause weight-gain or increase our anxiety. Also, the sugar they contain is not damaging for your body, since sweet potatoes can actually improve your blood sugar regulation, and their caloric energy is burned slowly. Then, create a mini Jack-O-Lantern by cutting the top and carving the orange, and simply filling the interior with whatever you come up with!
They contain tryptophan, which is essential for producing serotonin, one of the chemicals which regulates our moods. This food has great anti-inflammatory properties which are good for the body and the brain. That’s why foods with antioxidants, like oatmeal and whole grains, are perfect mood-boosting dishes. Therefore, as soon as you’re home, it begins asking you to normalize the situation fast, which is why we usually recur to unhealthy fast foods and snacks. They also contain ellagitannis, a type of antioxidants which reduces the presence of stain-producing bacteria; and also a healthy dose of Vitamin C, which helps your teeth against gum and periodontal diseases.

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