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Mildly spiced and silken spinach with crisp, golden cubes of the fresh Indian cheese known as paneer has made Palak Paneer aka Saag Paneer, one of the most popular Indian dishes in the U.S. Janice Feuer HaugenJoin me as I share my recipes, photos and insights for living Everyday Healthy! This book is very helpful in helping the reader understand how detox diets actually work and how they are achievable.The author does a nice job talking about the pros of this detox eating style, and the cons of other diet programs.
Hummus, both “plain” and “fancy” (with preserved lemon or garlic scapes), is my comfort food. I’d forgotten just how flavorful and satisfying Roasted Sweet Potato Poblano Quesadillas are. Golden-hued Chana Dal with Spinach & Tomatoes is Indian food you can easily make at home.

I have tried many cleanses and diets over the years, but I never followed through with the whole thing.
After seeing a number of recipes this past week for celebrating Cinco de Mayo, I remembered this recipe for quesadillas. I've authored five cookbooks (under the name Janice Feuer), been a pastry, gourmet and natural foods chef, and am an aspiring photographer.
After reading this guide, I know exactly why I failed before and I look forward to trying out the plan that this book outlines for the 10 Day Detox. I also learned more about why you should detox for your health as well as weight loss and it also includes tons of recipes so you can adequately prepare for your journey. This book features 30 mouthwatering green smoothie recipes that you can prepare in your kitchen.

Purchase a copy now and start your week right by making nutritious green smoothies at home. You won’t regret it because these drinks will make you and your whole family healthier and feeling good.

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