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All art (images and content) pieces featured on this blog are in the exclusive property of the designers and artists that created them. Claire is an aspiring nutritionist (and soon to be culinary student) with a serious addiction to bacon, wine, goat cheese and online shopping. If you look at the list of ingredients on some popular dog food brands, you'll be surprised to see just how many preservatives, dyes and additives are in your furry friend's kibble -- and the really good, healthy brands can cost a lot, some retailing for more than $50 for just one bag! This homemade dog food is a breeze and uses only fresh ingredients you love to eat as well.

She is recently married to a social media guru who loves *almost* everything she conjures up.
Instead of spending an arm and a leg each week, make your own with this easy starter recipe. However, it's very important to talk with your veterinarian before you change your dog's food to ensure the variety you make has all the essential nutrients and vitamins your pup needs for healthy growth.
This food is a great starter recipe you can build on later, a great once-a-week treat or a perfect addition to your pet's kibble to get them to eat.

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