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Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Well, here is the detailed recipe with pics and instructions of the pumpkin soup and the croutons. The green beans picnic idea recipe that we have prepared for you today, among other, can have two variations: vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Winter is the time when herbs, spices and citruses become irreplaceable for the organism’s immune system.
Obviously there is a vegetarian option each day and we are always welcome to ask they not be given something. For a while, I was preparing his snacks and lunches everyday because little dude is gluten free. There were some soup experiments with this vegetable in my past but I even can’t remember how it tasted – meaning nothing special.

First of all beetroot (also known as beet) can be used in different salad variations, and second, it has many health benefits. Whereas in Russia the salads are usually known as “vinaigrette” – the word is derived from French but in Russian cuisine it has altered its original meaning. Originally “vinaigrette” would mean an olive oil and vinegar dressing spiced with different herbs.
Also this recipe you can use as a main course, salad, or a garnish for the main picnic meal. Some of that behavior is probably because of his GI issues but I imagine the same could be true for typical kids as well. The usual pumpkin sweetish flavor is noticeable as a background taste, whereas spices lead in top flavor. One thing that sounded very fascinating to me was the combination of pumpkin and ground nutmeg.

We also will use olive oil and herbs in the beetroot salad but we will have pickled cucumber and cabbage instead of the vinegar. The set of picnic ideas we have prepared for your attention herein are healthy with a focus on helping organism in cold winter season. I still have to blend his tube feeding meals (my own control freak choice) but at least I’m not preparing his oral meals too. Now that I have cooked and eaten it I can’t yet say definitely whether I loved it or not so much… Call it eating or taste habit but sometimes with new things – especially when it concerns food – you need time to get whether you like that something new or not. With this pumpkin nutmeg recipe I can say definitely – I will cook it again, and maybe again… I liked how the spices played out – the cayenne pepper with ground nutmeg, and how the soft cream and pumpkin taste winded it all up smoothly….

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